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I am sure most cringe when we need to use the public washrooms. The threat of toilet-borne infections lurks in our minds whenever one has to use a public washroom whether in a 5-star hotel or an airport or a restaurant or even the ones in the offices. The ‘dirty’ toilet seats and that typical smell makes us squirm too. For those few agonizing moments that are spent in a washroom, we pray that we don’t catch that nasty infection. Of course, chances of getting an infection are high from touching the door handles/knobs and taps/faucets in the washroom too.

There is respite from the frowns and worry as a new product has been introduced in the market to address these very issues. Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer is specially formulated to disinfect the toilet seat surface and deodorize the surroundings with its refreshing mint fragrance.


Microbiocidal tests carried out showed that Pee Safe eliminates 99.9% of disease-carrying germs commonly found in toilets such as Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and E. coli.

Pee Safe is easy to use too. Given below are the simple steps to use it:

  • Hold the sanitizer spray can at least 3-4 inches from the toilet seat or any other area that you wish to sanitize.
  • Shake the bottle well and spray.
  • Wait for five seconds.
  • Wipe the seat cover with a tissue paper.
  • The disinfected seat is ready to use

So, you can use this sanitizer spray in public restrooms and sanitize the faucets and door knobs too and protect yourself from germs and keep the foul odour at bay too.

A 75 ml can is priced at INR 120 and a can can last up to 150 uses.

Pee Safe is available online at  Pee Safe offers total toilet personal hygiene protection by sanitizing, cleansing and deodorizing the toilet seat and its surrounding areas.

Pee Safe is the handy hygienic protection in your bag.




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41 thoughts on “Pee Safe

    • DestinationInfinity:

      The bottle is the size of a small deodorant and cannot fit in a pocket. Yes, women can carry it in their bags but for men, guess the company might come up with something more handy. Maybe we should suggest them, hai na!

      • As Kajal mentioned, it cant fit in your pocket, but if you are carrying a laptop bag or rucksack… then it is great! It is about 6 inches in height!

  1. Thanks for the info. Suppose I don’t have this product with me when I want to use the bathroom, then I have to ponder like William Shakespeare – To pee, or not to pee.

    • Aha! So good to see you, N, after a long long time! How have you been. Looks like the work keeps you too busy!! Back to blogging??
      Thanks, glad you liked this look of my blog! 🙂

  2. Wow! thanks for this info…A person like me who is on road all day really needs it…I keep a general sanitizer, but this seems good.

  3. I squirm and my stomach does a hundred somersaults when I have to use a public toilet. Now I will buy this product.

  4. Wow!! I am soon going to write a post on something that happened to me on the recent trip, then your post will sound very complimentary to mine 😀 😀

    On second thoughts this is what I need always especially while traveling !!

  5. Interesting post, finally something that will ease traveling in India. The very thought of public restrooms are enough to curl up noses and make us cringe, this is a handy product, maybe it’ll soon be available in convenient sizes and people wont hesitate to use something that guarantees hygiene.

    • True, it is definitely a good product for those who travel a lot and have to use public washrooms frequently! It is a convenient size for women as we carry bags and for men who carry laptop bags etc. Pocket friendly size… that’s a good idea which the company should work on!

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