Taming New Year Resolutions

It’s the New Year today! It is that time of the year when we love to make resolutions, to change some bad habits and/or follow some good ones. The most common resolutions that one comes across are to lose weight, quit smoking, read more books, be more financially wise, be better in relationships, follow some hobby etc

But how many of us actually stick to our resolutions? Last year I started going for walks in the morning with a bang but the enthusiasm vanished within a week. My friend M shared that she had made a nice list and then forgot all about it!

Are new year resolutions meant to be broken? Why is it that most of us are not able to stick to the solemn and serious promises we make to ourselves on the new year day?

Is it because our resolutions are a bit over ambitious? Or is it that we don’t believe in our resolutions?

This is what my friend M and I were talking about, a few days ago. Since we both were not able to adhere to our new year goals, the goals that were so close to our hearts, the ones which we were so excited about initially…

We discussed some more about the whys and hows of our past broken resolutions and decided to follow a process while making resolutions this year. We decided to answer a few questions when making resolutions.

  • Can I KISS my goal/s? Yes, Keep It Simple Silly!
  • Are they Doable. Practicable. Reasonable. Sensible?
  • Do they require a sea-change in my habits? Old habits are tough to break. Am I determined, motivated, committed to bring about that change?
  • Giant leap vs Baby steps? Will I be able to do better with making small changes in my schedule/habit or by making dramatic changes.

I have resolved to walk for 30 minutes everyday while M has resolved to eat healthy and lose a few kilos.

What are your new year resolutions? What is it that you want to do better, do more or less?

Whatever they are, here’s a picture for us which helps us to do better this new year!


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74 thoughts on “Taming New Year Resolutions

  1. Good luck with your resolution, Shilpa!

    Somehow even I feel I must lose some weight soon, but that never appears on my resolution list…I wonder why. But I guess, I must start now too 🙂


    • Thanks a lot, Kajal. I am determined to make regular walks as a way of life and not to treat it as a forced chore! Good luck to you for your resolutions!

  2. I absolutely love the last four bullet points in this particular post and completely agree with them a 100% (200% if allowed 😀 )

    Coincidentally enough I have scheduled a post tomorrow on a similar topic, watch out for that one 😀

    • Thanks a lot, Jairam. Glad you liked these four questions that we must ask ourselves! Wow… that’s cool, looking forward to read your post on this theme! 🙂

  3. That is the reason why I don’t believe in New Year resolutions. When I see the need to change something, I commit to myself and begin doing it. I guess, it does not need to be at the turn of a year to do it.

    • True, that should be the spirit actually. One should not be deciding to do something only on a specific day/date. It should be like, “jahan aankh khule vanhi savera”.

  4. Making a sea change in habits is indeed a little over ambitious. That is why I steer away from making new year resolutions.

    But that’s like throwing the baby with the bath water. That’s not good either.

    Happy new year Shilpa. 🙂

    • True, goals should be realistic. I know what you mean, but we must have some goals as goals have a way of transforming wishes into wants; cant’s into cans; dreams into plans; and plans into reality. A very happy and joyous 2014 to you and your family too, Dagny! 🙂

  5. The walks, the walks, the walks…if only my resolutions had turned into kilometres! But let’s do it this year, Shilpa. This is the year for walks. You know what? Let’s use the time to take pictures for our blogs! 🙂

    Happy New Year again, Shilpa and wish the three of you the very best in 2014. ♥

    • Amen to the Kilometers!! I wish we stay committed to our goals of a healthy life! That’s a fab idea… walks and clicks… is like killing two birds with one stone 😀
      Thank you so much, Corinne and wishing you a fantabulous 2014 too 🙂 ♥

  6. Good luck with your resolution Shilpa! And Happy New Year! I found that last year when I made goals I was able to stick to them better. And yes, they were realistic and doable. The only one I wasn’t able to do was because it kinda ended up contradicting another goal! 😛

  7. If I take up a resolution, I generally adhere to it. The only reason I may not stick to it is if I am not able to do it/it’s too difficult. But I don’t take any resolution on new year’s day – it’s a year-long thing.

    I think it comes down to how much we want the result out of our action/resolution – if we want it very much, we’ll stick to the resolution.

    Destination Infinity

  8. I have not resolved anything, not a resolution person really as I own very weak will power 😛 however, if I could imbibe that 30 mins of walking as much as possible everyday I think I would have a wonderful year 😀

  9. Good luck with your resolutions Shilpa. I’ve stopped making them. Going with the flow for me works better. That way I can blame the Universe if things don’t get done lol!

  10. Those questions are really important for sticking to your resolution. For me most important is the practicality. I did made some resolutions & completed 70% of them :). I hope to do 100% this year.
    All the best for your resolutions Shilpa. 😀

  11. Happy New Year Shilpa….30 min walking daily is really good resolution ..Wish you all the best in achieving it 🙂
    I m never good with keeping my resolution..still made 5 this year..let see how it goes.

  12. Exercising and eating healthy is what I resolve to do everyday. I’m sure we all know how difficult that is! Every year I plan to lose a few kilos, but the kilos are really stubborn. I guess when it comes to this resolution, we all lack the determination. Huh!!

  13. I never make any resolutions for the New Year.
    I enjoy watching people crack their resolutions which gives me happy that I never made one.
    Yes,I make a resolution a day and stick to it.
    As for keeping fit,I give it maximum importance.
    I am committed to morning walk for years.Even during this season,I am out for walk at 5.30 in the morning.
    Shilpa, having made the resolution ,ensure you stick to it till you break it.


  14. I never make any resolutions. now. Years ago I used to resolve, but could never fulfill it. I feel that. it is difficult to stick to resolutions. All the best to you. I am sure you will be successful. All the best, Shilpa.

  15. Hi Shilpa,
    You take up so many challenges, like writing something or other everyday, then why can’t you take up the challenge of walking , I am sure you will not give up, if you put your mind to it. And it is so good to walk and get ideas floating through your mind while walking, ideas just emerge from nowhere. It would be fun, just don’t give up till next year, by then you would not even feel like giving up. Just don’t walk with someone, for their absence can sabotage your own walking routine.
    I don’t believe in New year resolutions, if I decide to do it, I will do it even if doesn’t give me the results. The idea is to ‘just do it’ as the Nike Ad says.

    • You are spot on, Rama. I dont why I am not so conscious of my health! But I will this time. Thanks a lot for inspiring and a very happy 2014 to you and your family! 🙂

  16. Good luck with your resolution Shilpa, its never easy to stick to it but then that’s what makes it a challenge. Gradual changes always yield better results in my experience.

  17. I completely agree with you. When desire becomes greed, resolutions are meant to be broken. People tend to take up over ambitious resolutions, which wouldn’t even last a week. I follow the KISS policy too 🙂

    Happy New year 😉

  18. I agree with your perspective, Shilpa and quite often, I’ve failed at resolutions since I believe that we should set reasonable goals. Love how you put it, ‘Kiss ur goals’ and we should visit the targets from time-to-time:)

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