An Affair to Remember!

Title: An Affair to RememberAn Affair to Remember!
Author: Harkeerat Anand
Publisher: Srishti Publishers Distributors
ISBN: 978-93-82665-14-4
Number of Pages: 155
Price [INR] : 100
Genre: Fiction/Mystery

Filled with cheesy motivational posters, computer workstations crammed side by side, dumb bosses / blonde’s and bored employees looking for a career change – ABCDEF Corp., a software giant, rankles with a sameness of a suffocating software giants existence. Until one man and his best friend take things into their hands.

What follows is a series of misadventures, flushing both men down a pink-caked urinal of self-destruction. Set in a city that once was, in an IT giant that once was, the two men journey through a cobweb of friendship, ambition, embezzlement, crime and most importantly, love.

Will they survive ABCDEF Corp.? More so, will ABCDEF Corp. survive them?

Peppy, wild and bitterly sarcastic, An Affair to Remember! is a modern-day retelling of a decades-old classic.

Before reading An Affair to Remember!, I was debating between the two books, I had in my hands. I read the first page of An Affair to Remember!, which is a few lines on ‘Dedicated To’ and I smiled. Then I moved to the second page which is a sort of warning and the book in my hand got a bit wider smile and when I read the prologue, which is aptly titled ‘Before the madness begins’, there was no doubt in my mind about the book that would be taken up for immediate reading.

As I started reading An Affair to Remember! I found it to be an entertaining, delightfully light-hearted and fun and funny, witty and sarcastic, with an interestingly regular plot and equally regular characters.

The protagonist of the story is stuck in a mundane repetitive office job in a dream company with ineffective and inefficient managers, long hours, the farce of performance appraisals and no growth in sight. Then, when he sees people 3-4 years younger to him, MBAs all of them – earn thrice as much as him, get better sounding designations like Junior Deputy Assistant Vice President, all that occupies his mind is “God! I have to get out of here!”

And then he and his friend do try to get out of this giant software company but in style and that’s what An Affair to Remember! is all about! And of course, there’s an affair with a magical beauty of his dreams too.

While initially funny, I almost got tired of it, to put it down for a short while as I felt that the storyline had lost its steam, but there was just enough hope to keep me going. I’m glad I did. After some time, the plot picked up its pace and the story ended in a very unusual manner.

This book is a nice read, written in a very clear and engaging style. Also that is just 154 paged story which has oodles of wit and sarcasm, An Affair to Remember! is a quick read that will make you smile and laugh too.

Rating :

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33 thoughts on “An Affair to Remember!

  1. Let me recall now what I said earlier 🙂
    O yes, I find it interesting that it happens to you too – leaving the book in the middle of it 🙂 I can’t tell you how many half-read books I have left in between, including fiction 🙂 If the narration/plot becomes repetitive and drags out it is no fun really!
    Shilpa, you write a good review – giving enough taste of the book without revealing how the plot unfolds in the book. Enjoyed reading this one.

    • I know what you mean, Beloo. I rarely leave books unread until and unless it does not appeal to me at all. Sometimes, it is good to take a break and pick up again and sometimes it backfires too, and have to re-read many pages again! Thanks, glad you liked this review! 🙂

  2. That was a well written review dear Shilpa:-) Hm, will maybe check out that one – was intrigued by a turning plot and something unexpected in the end- that always makes it more appealing to me:-)

  3. I recently read similar novel set in the US. It involved two friends, a software giant and performance art. I think it would be very interesting to read “Affair” and get another perspective on the story line. (And if it made you smile that much, it’s got to be good!)

  4. Hello Shilpa! This is off topic. I found your site through WordPress Support where you left a comment about Oriental theme. I am using Oriental Writing theme on my blog and I got the same error. Can you please teach me how you got your site up and running again? My guess was you changed your theme through cPanel. If this is right, can you tell me how? Your response will be greatly appreciated. I left my email and website in the fields required here for comment. Thanks in advance ;o)

    • Hi Abelle.
      So good to hear from you. I got the site running by contacting my webhost which is The tech guys out there, got it running. I am not a technical person, so really dont know how they did it 😛
      When did you update your Oriental Theme? I did it on 28th May. I was hoping that somebody would have looked into the error by now! I really love this theme and want to get it back on my blog. Hope the code is sorted ASAP!!

      • Hello Shilpa,

        Thanks for your reply. I also left a message to the developer on his webiste and on WordPress, but no answer yet.

        Anyway, I have my site restored by my host, with a fee though. And the last few posts were gone. Ouch!

        Good luck to your site! Nice stuff you have here ;o)

  5. Oh, this sounds like something I would adore, Shilpa. Humour always evokes the best response, in my opinion. Glad you enjoyed reading the book! Looks like you’re on a marathon-reading quest 😀

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