Attitude of Gratitude

We were going through a rough patch in life. With so much of uncertainty and struggle, our mere thoughts, negative that is, could make it all the more worse. After all, it is so easy to add the negative junk and have pity-parties in the head. We couldn’t afford to make our life all the more dark and gloomy with additional worries and anxiety. We needed to surround ourselves with sunshine and smiles to brave it all.

Around this time, an year ago, I read about Gratitude on Corinne’s blog. It said that, one of the most powerful action we can take to greatly increase happiness and satisfaction in our life is to develop an attitude of gratitude. Acknowledging the good that is already in our life is the foundation for all abundance. She shared about counting our blessings and practicing gratitude in difficult times by putting our thoughts into words in a Gratitude Journal. And am I glad that I was inspired that day to start my Gratitude Journal?!

I wouldn’t say that keeping this Gratitude Journal brought an end to our struggles. But I can surely say that it brought an amazing amount of calm in my life. It changed my perspective on many things. Writing about the moments, experiences, thoughts and feelings reminded me of the things that gave me that happy and a positive feeling. I realized that despite the tough period that we had to go through, there were still a lot of things that we were blessed with and we had a lot to be thankful for. Writing in my Gratitude Journal has given me a lot of insights on relationships and it has helped me to understand myself a little better too.

Every now and then, I leaf through the older entries and a smile lights up my face. For instance, this one little entry, if I had not written would have faded into oblivion.


Today, Krishna (our house help) and I were having our morning tea before starting our respective works, in companionable silence. Suddenly, she said, “I like the way you set the breakfast table and how you fuss over Bhaiya (KG) and make him eat his breakfast!” (For the uninitiated, KG is super fussy about food!).

Krishna’s observations made my day. It made me realize the power of an honest compliment, kind words, a genuine smile, small gestures, appreciation… Thank you Krishna, for reinforcing this lesson.

Later, in the evening, I shared this with KG. He listened and then said, “Yes, you do that with love, …. so what if the food is 1-2 days old!” And we burst out laughing. I know he is incorrigible!

I am thankful  for the smiles and laughter in our relationship and that we can laugh at ourselves and together too.

And I am grinning as I type this. I am truly grateful for the small happy moments in our life.

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. ~Cynthia Ozick

So, what’s on your gratitude list today? Do share what are you grateful for in life?


Linking this to Gratitude Circle hosted by Corinne and Vidya.

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28 thoughts on “Attitude of Gratitude

  1. Shilpa ! You have always inspired me; some of your posts are so powerful, that I would remember it for a long time; glad to read your post; and rightly said gratitude does change our perspective.. thank you for sharing your post despite whatever you are going through….. thank you for bringing smile on my face as I read your personal experience with your loved ones …

  2. I am grateful for having teamed with you during this year’s Blogging from A to Z challenge, Shilpa!

    I am also grateful for the internet, without which I would not have my family. I met my husband in an online RPG (role-playing game) back in 1993. Chris was in Missouri (?) and I was in Utah. He came out for a week’s visit, and never really left. *LOL* We have three beautiful children, the oldest of which turns 18 on Monday. I have been very blessed! 🙂

  3. Lovely post Shilpa…
    And I totally agree to the gratitude being an attitude in everyday’s life. Even though I am unable to write a manual, I do keep track of my blessings and it’s always helped me to look at life with more positivism.

    I loved your Diary entry 🙂

  4. Hi Shilpa! I just wandered over from the Gratitude Circle started by Vidya and Corrine and read your post. What a lovely reminder of the power of gratitude to turn our lives around in a positive way. You are so correct that being grateful doesn’t take the struggles away, but it does bring us piece and a sense of wellbeing that is absent without it. I appreciate the ideas and look forward to reading more. ~Kathy

  5. Thank you for sharing this shilpa.
    Would love to start writing gratitude journal.
    Thanks for sharing that cute incident, happiness is all about such cute little things, isn’t it?

  6. That’s a beautiful post Shilpa! Yes I am thankful to so many things in life and most of them are little things like a friendly smile from a new co-resident, a hug from my child, a call from a loved one, a reply emoticon to my whatsapp joke, a determined effort by the buried seed in my little pot to push the muddy surface and sprout…..all these.little things make me send a prayer of gratitude to the almighty for giving me happiness.

    Liked your idea of maintaining a gratitude journal, cause putting pen to paper is making me feel good these days.

  7. Shilpa, such a great post and a great reminder for me. My heart is extremely sad and heavy today. I completed my gratitude notebook a few days ago and just stopped without continuing another book, though I have been attempting to think about what I am grateful for in between my dark and cloudy thoughts and succeed at times. <3

  8. Such a lovely post, Shilpa! The best part of a journal is going back and reading older entries – i find that we almost always end up feeling proud of our journey to our present state when we make gratitude a habit.

    Thank you for being a part of the Gratitude Circle!

  9. I’m sorry things have been hard for you all, Shilpa. Always times like these that we learn the most, I think. I’m glad you discovered the power of gratitude. As you know, I claim that it’s been a life-changing attitude for me.
    What a lovely thing for your maid to compliment you – isn’t it amazing how kindness is a something even the poorest person can practice!
    Thank you for sharing! ♥

  10. Nicely written Shilpa.

    Often we find ourselves being so busy in living “today” that we forget many small things which can make us feel grateful. Happy you found some quality time out to do this 🙂

  11. Hi, I’m grateful for having read your article. The little things mean so much more when we stop to think about it. We take so many things for granted that others do without. Thanks for sharing.

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