Eliminate Classroom Hunger

Millions of children across the length and breadth of our country do not have the opportunity to go to school and get an education because they are forced to earn their daily meal.  We all know that a hungry belly has no ears. Nothing will interest a hungry child other than food. And going to school for acquiring education and learning would be the last thing that would cross their mind.

Even if they do go to school, hungry kids can’t learn. Hunger impacts their ability to concentrate resulting in headaches and stomach aches and  poor academic performance.

Akshaya Patra is a non-profit organisation is the implementing partner of the Mid-Day Meal Scheme in schools and works on a vision goal that “No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger.”

Through the mid-day meal programme, Akshaya Patra  Foundation attempts to feed millions of children in India who have the zeal to learn and achieve, but not the means. By feeding them that one wholesome meal a day, they are giving them the motivation and nourishment they need to pursue an education and a better future. This philanthropic initiative is helping in addressing many of the crucial factors contributing to poverty and child labour in India, while working to spark a movement that will eradicate this social evil from Indian society.

We all can do our bit and join hands with Akshay Patra Foundation and reach out to help eliminate classroom hunger.

A donation of just Rs 750 will feed a child for an entire year! Corporate companies can ask their employees to donate Rs 750 per month as part of corporate social responsibility. This way each employee can help feed 12 children for an entire year! Giving for a noble cause, as part of company initiative would instil a great sense of common purpose and pride amongst the employees.cost-per-meal-calculation-akshaya-patra

Similarly, children in city schools can be a part of this initiative by contributing Rs 100 every month. This small individual amount can make a big difference in the lives of many children who have a hard road for a plate of food.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

Kudos to BlogAdda for joining hands with Akshaya Patra to end classroom hunger. For every blog post we write, BlogAdda will sponsor meals for an Akshaya Patra beneficiary for an entire year, as a part of their Bloggers Social Responsibility.

BlogaddaAkshaya Patra

Akshaya Patra

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32 thoughts on “Eliminate Classroom Hunger

    • I know, what you mean. Imagine, the plight of the little children, when they know that they are hungry but don’t have the means to feed themselves.While one can still manage to live with other life problems, but certainly not hunger!

  1. Akshayapatra is such a fabulous initiative.. I hope they last without succumbing to the pressures of politics and corruption.
    And us doing our bit will ensure that kids are healthy and fed.

    • We are indeed blessed and the sad part is that we don’t realize it! Agree, it’s time we wake up and spend wisely and help those who need it the most. And the best is the satisfaction and happiness one gets on making a difference in somebody’s life!

    • Yes, I have read your post on that! Kudos to you, Rachna for doing your bit. Akshay Patra Foundation is doing a commendable work and hope that it helps in eliminating classroom hunger for all. And we all must be part of this initiative too!

  2. Personally,I have no faith in what NGOs claim to be doing.
    Here again,civil society must come forward.Not that I am claiming credit,we supported one poor student for study and till we got her married.If each one of come forward,you will see a new India in coming days,but,but, the attitude seems to be…EVERYBODY FOR HIMSELF AND GOD FOR EVERYBODY.
    b k chowla recently posted…100 DAYS AND MOREMy Profile

    • I believe this one NGO is doing a fabulous job. That’s great that you supported and made a difference in a child’s life. We have sponsored the education of a girl child through Oxfam India and of course, we do our little bit at SOS Village and Mother Teresa Home too! True, if each one us do a little good around us, it can make a BIG difference!

  3. From whatever I’ve read about it, Akshaya Patra is an organisation that has been doing a wonderful job. I’m particularly impressed by the technology they use in their kitchens.

    I read recently that they take pains to ensure that the meals served in each place is based on the eating habits of the people in that place. For example, a meal served in south India would have more rice, but a meal served in western India would have more chapaatis.
    Proactive Indian recently posted…Only Zero Tolerance can prevent Unpunctuality!My Profile

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  5. First of all, hats off to you for taking this up and writing about this. A great initiative by blogadda too. Creating awareness is the first step towards anything.

    Akshaya Patra … They are everything their name suggests.I have heard about them and their wonderful work.
    Rohini recently posted…‘Carrey’ed awayMy Profile

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