Me, Myself and I


The long day at work added more misery in my already heavy heart.

All I wanted was you to listen to me.

Or maybe just hold me and let me cry if the words made it all the more painful.

Our eyes met and my heart smiled as you understood my silent plea.

A sudden realization dawned when I saw you reaching for the keys.

You wanted it to be left unsaid and unacknowledged.

You knew that I’d’ve told you everything.

And that didn’t fit in your scheme of things!

Aah! Everyone is self-centered; it’s just the radius that differs.

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33 thoughts on “Me, Myself and I

  1. Oh that is such a tough moment:( communication is the key, atleast he/she will have an unloaded heart. The last line is so true… crisply expressed, shilpa! but aren’t you a queen of this art?:)

    P.S: i commented on this post the day this was put up, but unfortunately it did’nt go through.

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