Little Happy Things

Happiness in life is one thing that everyone aspires to have. It is seen that most of us, in our restless search for happiness through something significant to happen, continuously miss the insignificant, which may not be insignificant at all.  Over the years, it has been observed that true happiness is found in simple and seemingly unremarkable things. It’s the small and simple pleasures throughout the day that give us more  happiness than that one big achievement. And it is the sum total of all these little things that make life more enriching, and beautiful.

Here’s my list of little things that fill me with happiness and bliss. littlehappythings

  • Reading a well told story. It is sheer happiness to be transported into the magical worlds the written word takes me to, the experiences that it leaves me with, the feelings it evokes me with, the beauty that stays with me long after the last page is turned.
  • Baking a perfect cake and seeing it wolfed down with appreciative ‘Oohs and Ahas!’
  • Learning is happiness. The excitement of learning a new skill is incomparable. Yesterday was a happy day when I got to attend a food photography workshop, which was on my bucket list. Aah! The joy of growing, learning and changing!
  • Happiness is getting-together at home with family and friends. Ooh! The fun and banter that comes with laughing and sharing stories over food and wine, with friends.
  • The other day, I was standing in a queue at the airport shop and buying a box of Karachi biscuits. A stranger (a foreigner) holding a similar box but a large one of the same brand was standing just ahead of me. What a happy coincidence! Seeing me hold a medium sized box, he turned back, smiled and in a mischievous conspiratorial tone while pointing towards my box, said, “There’s a big box too.” Without batting an eye, I matched his conspiratorial tone and said, “I have a small family” and we both burst out laughing! Happiness is a fun conversation with a stranger.
  • The theatre lights go down, the salt and butter dusted popcorn is waiting to be devoured and the opening credits roll in. Aah! The joy and happiness of watching the much awaited movie of your favourite actor in the cinema hall.
  • Happiness is getting that comforting and solution driven message from a friend in the middle of the night when I was panicking on seeing my laptop infected with malware!
  • Last week, as I turned in the key to open the door of our home, the aroma of food wafted through the air! The bliss of being treated to a delicious dinner  cooked by the husband after a long day at work!!

Happiness is not ready made.  It comes from our own actions. It is found in small positive experiences in our day to day life that makes us feel contented and at peace. It is found in being thankful for all the little things which happen around us and to us every day. Happiness is looking for the hope and light even when it seems hidden. All said, the little things matter. Even if they don’t seem like it at the time.

What are the little things that make you happy?