Stranger in the Park


I noticed the old man sitting on a park bench sobbing his eyes out.

I looked around and saw a woman near him look at him briefly and then turned the other way, like she didn’t see anything, while another man was visibly embarrassed.

I just wished I could take away his pain. I think he must be truly sad to cry in public.

Wonder, what has distressed him. On second thoughts, I don’t need answers, I just want to comfort him.

So, I got up and sat near him, till he smiled, looked into my eyes and petted me.




IMG_2593 (1)

Image Courtesy : morgueFile

Linking this to Write Tribeโ€™s 100 Words on Saturdayย  prompt : I noticed the old man sitting on a park bench sobbing his eyes outโ€ฆ and Day 4 of theย  5 Photos, 5 Days Challenge for which I was tagged by Genevive Angela.

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24 thoughts on “Stranger in the Park

  1. Aww! Shilpa, I read the last line and just burst out! Dogs are really very sensitive. My Chikoo gets the hint ( even before I start sobbing loudly) that I am going to break down in tears. He quickly comes near and puts his paw on my leg or hand, whichever is reachable, and begins whining – coaxing me to calm down immediately. Loved this short story!

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