Overwhelmed by Love

Loved. Touched. Supported. Gratitude. These are some of the feelings and thoughts that are running through my mind. What did I do to deserve all this? May be something right?!?

I ranted about my inability to write and my friends came all out to encourage and support. That I am overwhelmed by the love and support I have received from all of you, is putting it mildly.  I don’t know where I would be without it.  You, my friends have lifted me up again from the depths of despair and anguish and inspired me. Thank you all so much for the love, understanding, support, caring and friendship you all have given me.  I love and cherish you all so much and I don’t think I could ever tell you all that enough.  Thank you for being here for me.IMG-20160303-WA0012

And thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words and wishes for Aaryan. means a lot to me. Inshallah, with your prayers and wishes he will be up and running real soon. Here’s his picture taken by the nurse in the school infirmary.

As promised, I am writing this post from my hotel room and I have given myself 10 minutes to write this post. Tomorrow is a big day at work and I am dog tired after travel and all the preparations.

Talking about travel. I had an early morning flight and was ready an hour before the cab’s scheduled arrival time. As expected, I went about checking my bag (not my wallet, though), making lists mentally, cleaning and dusting the house. KG told me to leave all that and sit and relax.  But did I listen? No!!  Yes, I am mad that ways.  The cab arrived on time and I left for the airport. As soon as I opened my wallet to pay, I saw that my ID cards were missing. I wouldn’t be allowed to even enter the airport without it.  I had a mild panic attack as I realized that I had given the two ID cards to KG for some work a few days ago and never took them back. I called him. He was certainly not happy about leaving his early morning TV watching routine and after some cribbing and whining, he drove 20 kms to hand over my ID cards. And was I touched?

And just the evening earlier, 7.30 pm to be precise, I realized that the Dhobhi had not delivered the clothes I had given him for ironing. The lot had my 2 jeans and I  NEEDED them for my trip. (The Dhobhi could not home deliver them because of  amavasya which is his monthly off day).  So, I call KG who was at work then and made him go house hunting of our Dhobhi in some narrow lanes in an unknown area. Not an exciting thing to do, I know. But he did it.  And these two incidents made me realize that what a blessing it is to have a partner who is so supportive and understanding. And especially when I am pretty capable of testing his patience to the limit, but he has put up with me through thick and thin….and with a smile and just a dash of cribbing!!

Today, I’d like to thank you, KG and all my blog buddies… Shailaja, Sheethal, Cathy, Tulika, Parul, Roshni, Jayashree, LuAnn, Mithila, Geetika, Genevive, Asha, Nabanita, Madhusmita… truly overwhelmed by your love and support! Thank you for being there for me!! ♥

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34 thoughts on “Overwhelmed by Love

  1. Quoting Jaishvats: “We’ll always be there buddy. Don’t ya worry 🙂

    I second that!

    And kudos to Aaryan for being up and around and easing back into activity. My brother broke his arm skiing one year and only skiied one more time after that…even though he had previously enjoyed it.

    • Appreciate your support, LuAnn!
      Aah! These injuries, they do restrict mobility but one cant do much about them! Hope your brother is fit and fine now!

  2. First of all, he will get better soon..So do not worry
    And secondly, I think I’m like you! I’m ready before everyone else and keep checking, rechecking things…It’s like a compulsion that I can’t get rid of and yes I’m mad that way too.
    Happy to help in any way Shilpa..Keep writing and keep being your usual self 🙂

    • Thanks Nabanita, he is getting better.
      Aah! You too! My OCD for orderliness and cleanliness is reaching new heights, I must curb it, before it gets really serious! 🙄
      And thank you for your support! Appreciate it! 🙂

  3. So sorry to hear about Aryan. He will get better soon. Hugs to you, my dear. You are right; it is a blessing to have a supportive partner.Don’t bash yourselves for being forgetful. Sometimes, it happens in our hectic routines.

    • Thanks Rachna, yes, he is getting better and his plaster would be coming off on 20th. Oh, supportive partners is a big blessing indeed. Cant imagine life without his help and concern! Hmmm… hope so. 🙂

  4. Hi shilpa, that’s a lovely post.. And I can feel the energy of gratitude flowing in your post. Glad for aryan..sure he will recover fast.. And so nice to know about kg and his patience and generosity.. You are precious and special dear to deserve the best. It’s my pleasure to be here and stay blessed.. Love and hugs

  5. I hope Aaryan recovers soon. You are blessed to have such a supportive partner. I think at some point we all go through the mind going blank phase. But glad you are writing again. Love your free write. Take care. Hugs.

  6. The goodwill you have generated is rebounding Shilpa! Hope to see Aryan without the cast soon. And your missing id card reminds me of our friend in our apartment who went on to take an international flight to Austria without his passport. He called up from the airport to us and I and my husband drove to to Shamshabad airport ( 45 kms) in a maddening pace and he did’nt miss the fllight. and i could think of KG’s plight, how he must have driven to the airport.

    • You are a sweetheart, Asha! Thank you for being there for me. Appreciate your support!
      OMG… 45 kms…. forgotten passport… that must have been terribly scary and amazing adrenaline rush for you as well as your friend!!
      Thankfully, it was early morning so not much traffic on the roads for KG… but still very mad of me and sweet of him 😀

  7. oh sorry to hear Aryan got injured. Hope he is feeling better by now.
    Hadn’t been blogging and visiting many blogs due to schedule. Missed this update. Yes, it is a blessing to have understanding spouses. And you clean freak girl, relax a bit and let it go….don’t stress too much…take care dear. Hugs!

  8. Wishing Aryan a speedy recovery! Sometimes situations make us appreciate people more. It is lovely to have such a supporting partner, isn’t it? 🙂 Take care and keep writing!

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