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After having woken up at an unearthly hour to catch the first flight of the day, I am now sitting in the airport lounge. With the breakfast done and out of the way, I am awaiting the departure of my second flight which is a few hours away. And I am doing what I love doing the most. Yes, observing the buzz of life around me.

Actually, it all started as soon as I made myself comfortable in my assigned seat in the aircraft. WP_20160528_00_13_14_ProI was looking out of the window and drinking in the beauty of the early morning when a strong aroma hit me. I looked around and saw a passenger in front of my seat opening her lunch box.

The lady was eating stuffed karela (bitter gourd) with parantha. The stuffing inside was secured with a thread, just as my mom does it and this made me smile and crave for food made by mom. Seeing her having breakfast at 6 am and that too before the flight taking off got me thinking. I think she must be a 6 am breakfast lover or must be believing in eating early in order to keep insulin and blood sugar levels regulated while kick-starting the metabolism. Wonder what would be her actual reason to do so though!


A couple with a 2 year old kid are sitting next to me in the lounge.  As I was chatting with the parents, I observed the kid’s hand. He was wearing a gold ring. I saw a kid wearing a gold ring with his name engraved on it for the first time. I mean, have seen kids made to wear gold chains, bangles, earrings from a young age. But seeing a kid with a ring was a first for me.



Saw the promotion of Rajinikath starrer Kabali on the Air Asia aircraft.  Air Asia is the official airline partner of one of the most awaited movies of the year, Kabali, and several of its planes will also feature in the film. It seems that in Kabali , Rajinikanth plays the role of a Malaysia-based don, and this seemed like a right brand boosting strategy for the Malaysian carrier, Air Asia to partner with this movie. Interesting!


Last week, during my travel by the Jaipur-Delhi Double Decker train, I came across yet another interesting sight. The cracked glass window of the train had this sticker…


I saw such a sticker for the first time, though I have seen innumerable damaged things in the trains.

This train journey reminds me of the scene I witnessed at the railway station before boarding the train. A family of 4 who were standing next to me were chatting and having a good time together. As soon as the train arrived on the platform, young man of the family began saying good-byes to his parents and sister. And suddenly, their laughter ceased as they saw him leave them. I watched them some more from my window seat in the train. Seeing the mother’s silent tears, made me teary eyed too. It’s always harder to be left behind than to be the one to go…

Hope they all meet soon again and have lots of reasons to smile and laugh again.  And I am thinking of me reaching back home too after five days on the road.

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18 thoughts on “Travel Tales

  1. That last one made me tear up… I loved your observations. Now I am craving for stuffed karela… It’s been years since I have had that. Kid with gold ring! That’s new to me too.

  2. Travel comes with numerous little tales that we all encounter. I am wondering too why would the lady have a breakfast and that too Karela( well it isnt really my favouite) at 6 in the morning? KAbali seems to be garnering a lot of attention. I am waiting to hear about what would happen on the day of its release. (maybe I shall do a post on it)

    Moms silent tears… yes I have witnessed it often- of my mom-in-laws.. everytime her son bids her a goodbye 🙂

  3. Wonder why you had to end with the last one, Shilpa.. a little sad! but the rest so in sync and zing 🙂 You too notice these little things, such happiness and musings they bring with them 🙂

  4. Such a lovely set of observations. I hope more people do this instead of looking at their phones all the time. How much wonder there is in this world if only we had time to observe and stare 🙂

    That Kabali bit was the funniest for me 😉

  5. I like train departures more than airport goodbyes. While at an airport, we get more time to observe the life around .. at stations we get to see an array of emotions on display. Yes, you said it right, it’s always more painful for the person who is left behind.

  6. Love these stories from your week on the road. I also pack my food when I travel. Sugar levels, yes and also cos hunger gives me a bad headache. So I prefer carrying else I start buying as soon as I reach the airport 😉
    Yes, in South India I have seen many little boys wear a gold ring and girls wear a gold anklet.
    On that train story – I always feel for the one who is left behind. Loved your post.

  7. Isn’t life a spectacle offering you so many different pictures…..I often make stuffed karelas for my better half who loves them….and ghar ka khana on a flight is somehow mouth-watering and so filling too….:)… ring…..parents will be parents…..:P……and what to say about Rajnikanth……The pic says it all…..:)…..

  8. I beginning to love your travel tales. What strange things you end up encountering! Or maybe you have a specially observant eye. A gold ring for a kid and that broken window was the cutest. Oh and that string tied karela reminded me of my mom too but I can hardly imagine eating it early in the morning :-).

  9. I will pack food, but more because of following a diet plan called Weight Watchers, which taught me this trick. In this way, if I am hungry, I can snack on nutritious foods rather than depend on fast food or vending machines.

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