21 Random Facts About Me

I can never resist writing list posts. When I saw this prompt for Friday Reflections, I knew that I had to do it. And also because, my blog is starving. So here I am with some known and some unknown 21 random facts about me…

  1. I love, love, love reading books. I can read from morning to night and sometimes till early hours of the morning.
  2. Everything, I do starts with a list. 80% of the times it is diligently written in a small notebook and rest of the time in the grey cells. But whatever task is at hand, it’s 1….2…3…4… for me!
  3. I absolutely love tea. And I love to have it in total peace and quiet around me.
  4. I have an OCD for washing things. When I buy something, the first thing I check is whether it’s washable?
  5. Keeping my home neat and clean is an utmost priority for me and usually it takes precedence over cooking food.
  6. I can’t dance to save my life.
  7. I love my gadgets more than my jewellery.
  8. My Me-Time is very important to me.
  9. I can’t stand the drama in Hindi serials, news and reality shows.
  10. I have learnt driving thrice and still can’t drive.
  11. I suffer from foot-in-mouth disease.
  12. My face gives me away even when I stop myself from saying something. Every. Single. Time.
  13. I am very straightforward and believe in cold, hard truth rather than saying what people want to hear.
  14. I believe in power naps and it makes my world a better place.
  15. I am very meticulous or so I like to believe.
  16. I am not very experimental with food. More often than not I’d prefer to go to the same restaurant every time and order the same dish always.
  17. I am fiercely loyal in my relationships.
  18. My tolerance to cold weather is pretty less. I cover myself in layers when it’s pleasant weather for others.
  19. I tend to overthink and overworry!
  20. The only exercise regime that I can follow for long is swimming. Rest, just die a very early death.
  21. I believe in the power of prayers.

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56 thoughts on “21 Random Facts About Me

  1. Straightforwardness and loyalty, especially in relationships, are excellent traits! I love to read as well! I’m a worrier too! Hate it, cuz I believe what’s going to happen will happen, but that doesn’t stop me from second and quadruple guessing myself too.

    • Thanks Anna, glad you think that straightforwardness is good in relationships. Most people dont prefer that!!
      Aah! If only we can give some rest to our grey cells… if only…

  2. Hey, Shilpa, we not only share our names, but have many more things in common!
    My me-time is also important to me.
    I too have learnt driving, but have never ever driven a car.
    I too like things that are washable and I also see the labels to check if they can be washed.
    I am meticulous and like cleaning my home much more than cooking!
    I too love reading.
    I believe in the power of my power naps.
    I too can not tolerate cold weather
    And I believe in prayers!
    Wow! 🙂 So we do have a lot in common, don’t we?

  3. there so much similar between us!! most of it except I can’t swim, and I don’t have an OCD for cleaning…I can be quite a mess sometimes! I have also learned to drive twice, and still can’t drive well!! I make lists too, more because I’m absent minded and forget a lot! I worry a lot too, and foot-in-the-mouth disease..well, I’d win the first prize if there was one!

  4. OMG! So many similarities we share Shilpa! Except for a few like power nap( i dont), i am regular in exercising, the day i dont exercise, i feel i have missed something, i hate dramas too even in real life and can’t stand TV serials. I dont like gadgets, not much in to jewellery too….rest all, we both same to same:)….glad to know you more through this post.

  5. We share a few common traits. Feeling more cold than others. Reading sometimes till morning though that happens much less these days. Being fiercely loyal to relationships, overthinking and overworrying. I am meticulous too. And then there are other things where l differ from you. Been driving for 18 years now, prefer cooking to cleaning any time. Enjoyed knowing more about you, Shilpa.

  6. List posts are fun, aren’t they?! I loved reading yours. So many of us seem to be tea drinkers and readers! Power napping sounds like an awesome skill to have. I would love to be meticulous. Sadly I’m not. I am fiercely loyal though. And the over thinking and worrying is something I can relate to!

    • Oh, I heart list posts. I think list posts are easier to write 😛
      Aah! What would our life be without tea and books. Good to know that we have quite a few things in common, Ness 🙂

  7. Loved reading your list, Shilpa! It sounds uncanny but I think 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 14 15 17 18 18 21…are all me, so I’m like really wondering how this is possible. Now at least I can take solace that I’m not alone – that there are many like me who also feel cold more than others, obsess with washing, make lists, cannot drive and so on!!

  8. That thing about driving… Totally can relate .. I have cycled for 4 years of my life.. still fear cycling.. have tried scooty for two years.. still fear it and have already left it.. am thinking whether to try driving or not..am a very very slow learner in these fields

    • I can relate to this, Pratikshya. You know, I have come to believe that some things are not meant to be. And driving, dancing are not for me, at least in this life. And I have made peace with this!

  9. That thing about driving… Totally can relate .. I have cycled for 4 years of my life.. still fear cycling.. have tried scooty for two years.. still fear it and have already left it.. am thinking whether to try driving or not..am a very very slow learner in these fields.. 🙂

  10. Wow! We have quite a lot in common – I can say ditto to pretty much everything on that list – except power naps. It’s something I wish I could take, and a habit I have tried to develop, but in vain. Sigh.

    Psstt..the non-experimental-ness when it comes to dishes and restaurants drives my hubby nuts, as he is ever the explorer.

    • Aha! It’s nice to know that we have a lot in common, Shantala. Aah! It’s the same story here. KG is a super explorer and I am a firm believer of tried and tested and that’s a sore point between us!!

  11. We share a few common traits: swimming, checklists, meticulous, cleaning over cooking.. okay more than a few 😉 But it’s interesting to learn all this and more of people we’ve only met briefly or hardly at all, right? These lists are a godsend for bloggers.

  12. You are one person who can make lists sound interesting! And thanks to your list, we are all discovering that we may be different people yet share similar traits 🙂

  13. We have several things in your list in common.
    1, 2, 5, 8, 12, 13, 14, 17 and 21. I enjoy your blog, it is very interesting, entertaining and enjoyable. 🙂

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