The Awakening


It’s dark and cloudy with rains lashing relentlessly since morning. It’s as if the sky understands my state of mind and is crying with me.

The wind outside is howling and raging, matching the swirling unease of my soul.

As the day drags on, I keep looking at the door… wondering, hoping…

I know, you are not coming back, but I’m not able to stop myself from waiting.

I look out of the window, as another brutal wave of loneliness engulfs me.

Suddenly the reality of being rejected, unwanted and abandoned hits me, just like this house across the street.


Linking this to NaBloPoMo and #FridayFotoFiction


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39 thoughts on “The Awakening

    • LOL NO πŸ˜€ This 100 word story is based on this photo prompt. The first thought that I had on seeing this pic was that of an abandoned house and then I linked it to abandonment in relationship.It has got nothing to do with Vipassana πŸ™‚

  1. Somehow I feel you really heard that house speaking of that feeling of abandonment, of the rejection. Your words just speak what the house would have liked to speak if it could. Touching writeup, Shilpa!

  2. Feelings of rejection, abandonment and unwanted is extremely painful; you have captured so well, the picture touched my heart and I could feel the pain too, you are truly blessed to be able to express so perfectly, am glad to be inspired by you.

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