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A 4-day extravaganza with a handful of family and friends in a place where heritage and tradition met. A celebration that had splendor, affluence and incredible magnificence in an authentic flamboyant palace. Hearts warmed by cozy camaraderie and luxurious hospitality. That was the experience at a destination wedding which I had the pleasure to be a part of, recently.

Usually, when one thinks of a wedding,  hustle bustle all around and preparations happening at a hectic pace is the first thought that comes to mind. But I quite liked this idea of celebrating the start of togetherness away from all this very ‘madness’ with a close group of family and friends at a distant locale.

Destination Weddings are on the rise, all around the world and I can list the reasons why the idea of going somewhere gorgeous and unique to exchange vows is catching everyone’s fancy!

  • Destination weddings are easier and faster to plan. It may appear to be a lot of work with tons of planning but it’s actually not. Most resorts offer interesting and comprehensive packages and have everything you may need. And if you hire a wedding planner, then it’s a cake walk.
  • It’s stress free. Destination weddings have a relaxed feel about them. It’s like a little vacation for everyone; the bride and the groom as well as the guests. So, there is this happy and less formality in the air and more smiles around.
  • It’s high on bonding. Since the guest list is small, there’s more time to bond and know the family members of both the families. It’s the best way for families to meet and have a good time together.
  • It’s like a big vacation with all the people who matter the most. Though it’s a special time for the wedding couple, but it’s a great time for the family and friends to have fun too.
  • The photographs are GORGEOUS. Period. Whether the chosen destination is a palace or a fort or a sandy beach covered with palm trees or a rustic locale or a tropical paradise, the wedding venue would be beautiful in its own way. With the backdrop of the beautiful locales, the photographs can be truly epic and magazine-worthy.
  • A destination wedding is much more unique than a traditional ceremony at home. And yes, your wedding day would stand out from most people you’d know.
  • Oh! It’s sooo romantic. A wedding is a celebration of love and if it has the feel of a fairy-tale affair, how amazing is that!

Destination Weddings can truly transform your big day into something memorable and unforgettable. Do you wish to create such amazing memories on your special day?

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A wedding is a time to make your wishes come true. Go on and make your special day of your life extra special. #OneWeddingWishwedding-loan-one-wedding-wish-2

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4 thoughts on “Get Your #OneWeddingWish Fulfilled!

  1. You almost made me wish I wasn’t married. I’d do this if I had to do it all over again. A few close friends, picturesque locales, a cosy get-together and memories for a lifetime. What’s not to like?

    PS: Good to have you back.
    Obsessivemom recently posted…Supermom!My Profile

  2. Destination weddings are a way for everyone to have a great experience. I’d like to have one of those, but I’m already married, and that won’t happen twice. 🙂 I did go to one a couple of years ago. The Powerhouse Court in Ireland is one fabulous place to be married.

  3. Destination wedding is fine as long as the bride and groom pay for it. In most of the Indian families, the bride’s parents are made to pay for it. A few years ago, we went to a destination wedding in Hawaii. Imagine a real TamBrahm wedding there. Poor parents of the bride paid for the whole thing.
    SG recently posted…Page From The PastMy Profile

  4. Destination Weddings are definitely on the rise. I like the idea of exchanging vows in the presence of those whom you’ve know well all your life instead of a big gathering of random people from your parent’s side.

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