#RiotGrams October 21-31, 2017

And this is the last and the final edition of my posts on Instagram for the Book Riot Instagram Challenge #RiotGrams. This was my first month long challenge on Instagram and I loved the experience. 

Each day was met with excitement or a groan. Books for some prompts were available with me and some weren’t. So, I had to literally look for the books and buy the Kindle versions. Yes, I am pretty committed that way! And I’m proud to say I did not miss a single day of this month long challenge! 

The part of this challenge was to discover such diverse books. For instance, I have made a long list of Great Book Club Reads and Chilling and Thrilling books. This challenge has increased the length of my TBR list which is already a foot long.

Also, a challenge like this is a great way to start using Instagram especially if you are a newbie like me. It pushed me to be more creative. and generate content for Instagram. And best of all, I’ve made a lot of new connections with some lovely folks, from all over the world.

Check out my take on the bookish prompts from October 21st to October 31st, 2017.

Excited by the success of this challenge, I am taking up Fat Mum Slim’s November Photo a Day Challenge which starts tomorrow. I would love to have your company for this challenge, after all, the more the merrier. You may like to check out the details here or here.

Are you game for Fat Mum Slim’s November Photo a Day Challenge?

Which one is your favorite from this lot! Which books have you read from the collection here. Do share in the comment box below.

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9 thoughts on “#RiotGrams October 21-31, 2017

  1. You have evolved as a bookstagrammer. I liked the scrabble background, fall picture the most in this. That’s quite a huge collection of freebies. I would try to complete the next time.

  2. I’m so glad you followed through on the book challenge and it introduced you to many more that you wouldn’t otherwise come across. My book should reach you by next week hopefully and I hope you love it too! There’s poetry at the back of the book that are famously known as the ‘Yuri poems’ which you may happily skip, but the book will interest you I hope! Do let me know your honest feedback once you are done with it. :))

  3. Absolutely loved your fall colours.This was such a fun challenge. Would love to take up a book-photo challenge like this one next time round. I hope to take on the black and white one soon. Thanks so much for keeping me in the loop.

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