A Rosy Day!

June is National Rose Month.So its apt rosethat “A rose is a rose is a rose!” celebrates The Roses!!

Celebrate the Rose Month. How?? (Though only a few days are left!)

  • Visit a public rose garden near you. Weekend plan?
  • Send photos of roses to friends and family. Right away!
  • Give a rose plant to a nearby nursing home. In the evening?
  • Volunteer to help care for the roses at a local park. Let me think….

Roses Trivia red_rose_bouquet

  • The floors of Cleopatra’s palace were carpeted with delicate rose petals, and that the wise and knowing Confucius had a 600 book library specifically on how to care for roses. Cool!
  • The rose is New York’s state flower. OK!
  • A rose by any other name… According to Greek Mythology, it was Aphrodite who gave the rose its name. How nice!
  • While the rose may bear no fruit, the rose hips (the part left on the plant after a rose is done blooming) contain more Vitamin C than almost any other fruit or vegetable. Should replace it with lemons now!
  • Napoleon’s wife Josephine so adored roses, she grew more than 250 varieties. Addicted like me!?
  • The Chinese were probably the first to popularize the rose as food…flavor tea and pastries, as well as a liqueur called of “sand roses”…Yummy..Rosy
  • It’s said that throwing rose leaves into a burning flame will bring you good luck. Will make it daily ritual!

Different Colors, Different Expressions!

Roses are the ultimate flower for expression of emotion or feeling. As a gift, roses can convey different meanings if the person receiving them knows the symbolism attached to the various colors of roses.

Red signifies love and passion. roses red

  • True red is the rose for lovers
  • Fiery red roses signify passion
  • Cardinal red symbolizes desire
  • Fully bloomed red roses best convey the message “I still love you”
  • Red rose buds are a way to express love for the first time.

Yellow roses once meant jealousy, but today the yellow rose 1107635358_f68daa840c signifies friendship, familiar love, and domestic happiness. Yellow roses can also be an appropriate sentiment to express sympathy.

Orange roses symbolize an expression of pride or orange-rose amazement. A bouquet of orange roses would be appropriate for a graduate or to commemorate a promotion.

Peach roses symbolize appreciation and desire. A bouquet of peach roses could express sincere appreciation for someone’s accomplishments.

Pink roses signify elegance, gentility, and poetic romance, without the seriousness signified by red. Pink roses are more light-hearted than red and can signify mere admiration or sweetness of thought.

pink_rose_bouquet_smLight pink roses can signify both sympathy and friendship

Dark pink is symbolic of appreciation and thankfulness

A mixture of pink and red roses signifies a romantic relationship.

    White roses are sometimes called the “flower of light” and whiteare the bride’s roses. They symbolize unity, sincerity, loyalty, purity, and a love stronger than death. White roses can be mixed with red to emphasize the meaning of love, while white rose buds are an appropriate gift to a young girl from her father.

    Purple roses represent majestic glory and can symbolize eternal love, while lavender or lilac roses signify love at first sight or the beginning of true feelings. purple-rose-bud-christopher-holmes

      • Purple roses are appropriate for wedding anniversaries beyond 25 years and as memorial flowers for a lost spouse
      • Deep purple roses should be reserved for intimate situations


    Black roses are symbolic of death. Oops!

    Single rose – Simplicity

    Two roses – An engagement or coming marriage

    Phew! Quite a lot Rose!! BTW…Happy Rose Month!!