Friday’s 55 Fiction : Caught In Her Own Web?

55 Fiction is a form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.
Caught In Her Own Web?

Narrow crowded by-lanes are always a sight. The vehicles honking incessantly; the hawkers shouting, trying to outdo each other; women haggling with the vendors, children eyeing the toys, greedily… she observed nonchalantly.

Listlessly, she bought a few things and rushed out. “Perfect!” she smirked.

“Madam, your bag”…said the panting boy.

And the bomb exploded.

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  1. this post desrves anothr comment.. i read it some hours ago bt cudnt cmmnt as my net cnnction wnt down.. however, evn aftr cuming back nd reading it again, the reaction is same.. i havnt read many 55ers bt um sure evn if i hd read 100 of thm this wud hav been d best:)

    One request.. the wrds hav exceeded 2 56(yup i alwez count thm), u mite remove ‘kites’ to make it xact 55:)

  2. Reminded me of a Telugu movie named ‘Majnu’ wherein the movie ends in the same way you wrote!

    But its very electrifying! Your post I mean!

  3. @ ALL : Thank you guys and gals!!
    Your feedback is truly motivating!!
    And I am one happy blogger!!
    Thank YOU!! 🙂

    @ Vipul: I don’t know, Microsoft word count showed it to be 55, but when I counted it manually (or is it mentally!), it was 56!
    So deleted the kites, as suggested.
    Thank a lot for your feedback! 🙂

  4. @ Amrit: Thanks Amrit. Yeah, though the feedback given in the last 55 fiction was a need for a happy ending…but could manage this!! 🙂

    @ PEOPLE, PLACES, VOICES, FACES…: Am happy you liked it! Will check out your 55 Fiction too!!

  5. A haiku on ur 55 fiction!

    “she came out and the boy followed with the bag – explosion”

    this happens to be my first main stream Haiku, so please feel free to comment! 😀

  6. @ All : Thank you friends for your feedback and support!!

    @ Abha : Thanks Abha and welcome on A Rose is a Rose is a Rose!!
    Well, the voting is over!! And I won too! 🙂