Flavors of Comments

I have been on the blogosphere for about more than a 100 days now. Not a veteran, but not a novice, either. And these 100+ days have been very enlightening and a great learning experience too.

I don’t think, there’s any blogger who does not look forward to the comments on his blogs. I am sure, every single fellow blogger out there, is truly elated and excited on seeing the comments on her/his post. Some reload their webpage every few seconds to see if any comment has made its presence on the blog, for some the comments act as their mood barometer – happy when comments pour and dejected when none come; some wake up even in the middle of the night to check them; and some crib about women bloggers getting more comments!!

In a nutshell, we all love comments!! (Though, listening to even a single comment from one’s spouse or parents or even friends can make us fume or shout or cringe or cry for hours!!)

I have realized that these comments have a character of their own. So based on some experience of reading and writing comments on so many blogs, I can identify some distinct flavors of comments in the recipe of our blogs:

  • Ego Boosting Comments: These comments really boost your ego especially when there is a draught. “Oh, this is a fantastic post…Amazing article…I am following you now…I agree with you completely….” sure make you swell with pride!
  • Present Mam /Sir Comments: These comments have nothing significant to say, but are there to make their presence felt on the blogs. So they say something like… “Nice post…interesting…keep blogging….”
  • Reflective Comments: These comments exhibit a careful thought on your thought (post). Some time they can add a profound meaning to your thought or can steer your thought into a new dimension. They are intellectual types, actually.
  • Protester Comments: These comments refuse to accept your thoughts (despite the appropriate disclaimers). The comment section gets lengthy and lengthier with their arguments and counter arguments. And sometimes, these comments are made to either represent the commentor as somebody superior or to project you as dim-wit!
  • Healthy Discussion Comments: These comments contribute to the conversation or to add a point which you missed and these comments are made coz they believe that a nice, friendly debate makes everybody come out smarter at the end!!
  • Hero-worshipping Comments: These comments are from secret admirers. They are in awe of everything you write on/about…so even a silly post from you will receive ‘Oscar award winning’ comments from them.
  • Abusive Comments: They are not very common, but one does come across such types too, which are out right rude, offensive and have coarse language.
  • Invisible Comments: These comments are not physically present on the blog, but you get them in your email!! From a simple ‘nice post’ to lengthy thoughts… these comments prefer to stay away from the public eye!
  • Spam Comments: These comments are to promote their own blogs/products/services etc or to increase their search engine rankings or to build links to their blogs.
  • I-Commented-On-Your-Blog=You-Comment-On-Mine Comments: Self explanatory!
  • No Comments: These are actually No Comments!! I mean, people read your blog, but would refrain from commenting. Reasons are many…some find commenting to be too much of a task and a stress on grey cells, …some would not comment ‘just like that’…

So, do you identify yourself with any of the above flavors of comments?? 🙂

BTW, let your comments flow!! 😀

P.S: miss_teerious’s last night post compelled me to give a concrete shape to these thoughts, which were doing the rounds in my muddled head for a while now!

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