What’s Cooking??

It is starving! It needs food!!

Nah…its not my pet dog (actually, we don’t have one!) nor the pet gold fishes (incidentally, they accidentally got too much food today!)

It’s my pet…My Blog!

There is a lot of food for thought getting cooked in the grey cells for my lil blog. But what food should be cooked, that is the question.

Should it be..

  • A 55 Fiction?  Oye, its not Friday!!
  • A List? Ummm…too time consuming.
  • A Short Story?? Well, I have never done that and tonight is not the time for that!
  • A Tag? Hmmm… Richa’s Thoughts tag is pending, but not getting too many thoughts!
  • A Long Post? The very thought of a long post scares me!
  • A Post on Current Affairs? IPL… Sania-Shoaib, Lalit Modi & Shashi Tharoor Drama or the rising mercury…  Nah!!
  • A Photo Post? Good idea, but need to click some interesting shots, first!
  • A Post on Rants? Oh, I love cribbing. But just read somewhere, today, “Life is too short to be spent in being sad and cribbing about things”. I want to follow this religiously, atleast today!
  • A Post that solves a problem? Where’s the problem? Who has the problem??
  • An Inspirational Post? Please inspire me…waiting!
  • A Post based on Comments? This sounds interesting. Recently, got some innovative and interesting suggestions from fellow bloggers and friends for my post All Izz Well, But
    Hmm…this can be done…not not tonight!
  • A Post on Some Live Event? Ah…nothing is live at the moment. All is quiet!
  • A Book Review? I guess, one has to read a book for that! The last book I read was 2 States by CB, a fortnight back! Too late to review that!
  • A Movie Review? Not possible! Reasons you know. Obviously, a movie has to viewed for that!
  • A Post on “Conversations With My Inner Self”? FarmVille is keeping me busy so no time for the conversations with my inner self or self for that matter!

Oooh! 15 recipes for my blog! Well, I’ll cook them later. It has got its today’s food!! 😉

You wanna try any recipe for your blog??

Would love to read your recipes too!

Cheers 🙂