Corruption From A to Z


Corruption is global phenomenon, but I believe it is our religion in India. It is omnipresent and is rampant in our society. No department, no sector, no industry, no social strata of life is free from its shackles.

Today, we celebrate the 64 years of independence, but are we truly independent from this intractable problem. The answer is NO. I don’t know how and when we will be able to contain this menace. But here is an A to Z of departments and professions where one sees widespread corruption.

Want to get your 4 year old admitted in a reputed school or aspire for a seat in the Engineering College or the Medical College, a few lakhs can do the trick.
A lucrative deal or to accelerate your business pace or for that insider trading, embezzlement, tax evasion or accounting irregularities, pay the concerned personnel and all is done!
Getting the rare Scotch Whiskey or Gold or the electronic goods, more than that is stipulated by the law, from foreign shores?? No problem. A share or a bribe to the officials and it’s all yours without a hitch.
Passing country’s confidential information to other countries or doing shady deals, misuse of power is corruption in this elite sphere.
Passing illegal layouts and designs, conniving to use sub-standard materials, favoritism in awarding contracts, daily reports of engineers arrested for disproportionate assets speaks volumes about the corruption in this field.
Forest Department
Illegal logging of bamboo, timber, sandal wood and even poaching of endangered species is done with the assistance of forestry officials.
Government Office
The most common place where corruption is deep-seated. For a routine transaction or approval, the government official uses his position or power by accepting a bribe or a benefit in any form.
Non-availability of essential drugs or spurious drugs at the chemist shop, favoritism in getting admission, consultation with the doctors or availing diagnostic facilities, accepting gifts in cash or kind by pharmaceutical companies that’s corruption in medical facilities for you.
Income Tax
Another department where corruption is extensively practiced. Bribe the officials for a favorable tax treatment.
The second most corrupt department in India is the judiciary. Bribing the judges, lawyers and clerical staff helps to delay in disposal of cases, passing the verdict in your favor or reducing the sentence…
Some have been designated as Kings of Corruption, like Suresh Kalmadi, YSR Reddy, A Raja!!
Land and Property
In cities and villages throughout India, Mafia Raj consisting of municipal and other government officials, elected politicians, judicial officers, real estate developers and law enforcement officials, acquire, develop and sell land in illegal ways and they often steal the state land too!
Municipal Services
Maintenance of roads, supply of clean and potable water to the masses, street lighting, removal of garbage, sanitary and healthcare facilities, registration of births and deaths in the area, maintenance of bridges and heritage buildings, operating schools on primary level, opening of dispensaries and health clinics, naming of streets and houses and much more, are under the purview of Municipalities and none of these are free from corruption.
The Aids and Grants which are received by the NGOs, is it used for the designated purpose and development? The answer is NO
The charity organizers, the event organizers, the games organizers all pocket a ‘bit’ of the green notes in their pockets.
Passport Office
Ah!! Almost everybody can say ‘Yes’ to corruption in this office. Rarely would have anybody got a passport without greasing a few hands!
Then there are Queens of Corruption too, like J Jayalalitha, Mayawati who have siphoned crores of public money into their party funds and their personal acoounts.
Religious Institutions
The Religious institutions are not free from corruption. Recently it was found that religious charities are being set up and used as covers for the trafficking of young girls and children from the North East. Some of the Church of North India are making money by selling Baptism certificates.
The match fixing, the bribes while selecting the Hockey players or the IPL controversy, the shabby treatment given to players or pathetic sporting facilities all shout loudly about the corruption in Indian sports.
A confirmed seat in the train or a few hundreds to the traffic cop to avoid paying the fine for violating traffic rules, irregularities in contracts, favoritism in awarding tenders in Railways or Airports shows the corruption in Transport industry.
Urban Development Authorities
The gaps in preparations for the Common Wealth Games are glaring examples of corruption on a mega scale!! So much so that the prestige of the country is on stakes!
VIPs facing criminal charges, including human trafficking, immigration rackets, embezzlement, rape and even murder, go scot free or are not tried in the court of law, or the Criminals making it to the Lok Sabha is all due to corruption in the system.
Water Supply & Sewerage
A water pipeline connection on payment of a bribe, buying pumps for water supply with motor drives for installation at places where there is almost no electricity… is corruption!
The medical examiners forge the diagnostic or post-mortem reports, the exam-examiners edit the marks for some benefit.
You mean WE the common masses. Even we are not free from corruption. Every person sees his/her benefit first and thus manipulate the people or the circumstances around.
Yeah, even the zoos are not free from corruption… there is corruption in procurement of food and meat for the animals…
Oooh!! That’s a lot of corruption! I guess it’s time for action. Who is going to take the first step to curb this menace??

YOU??  ME??  WE!!