A Shave A Day…

She : Have you given some thoughts about your New Year resolutions?

He : Hmmm… not much.

She : I’d like you to add a resolution from my side in your list.

He : What do you want me to do?

She : Promise, that you’ll do it religiously, for me!

He : Promise? Religiously?? For me??? What is it?? Looks something serious!

She : Yes, and it will make me happy too!

He : You better tell me straight without these riddles.

She : Ok, I want you to shave every evening from now on.

He : Shave every evening!! Don’t you like my stubble?

She : Yes and No.

He : Why? I believe women like men with stubble. Men with stubble look tough, masculine and mature. Brad Pitt and that Clooney guy has such vast fan following among women… In fact, a study shows that stubble is a way to win woman’s heart 😉

She : Agree, many men look great in their stubbles. And as for you, you need not look further! Also, it is one thing to look good and it is another thing to experience it!

He : What does that mean?

She : Have you seen me scratching my cheeks and chin? Also, I believe, if I make efforts to look good for you, so it makes sense for you to do so too.

He : Hmmmm…. I have noticed the redness. Efforts to look good?

She : You know what I mean! While it take me hours to do so. You can get rid of that stubble in just 5 minutes!

He : 5 minutes!? But I don’t like to shave daily.

She : Oh come on! Why are you so lazy about shaving? Haven’t you seen the new Gillette Shave or Crave advertisement? When I saw that ad, I knew that this one is for you! In 5 minutes you can have that perfect smooth shave!

He : But, I don’t want that…. Errrr…. Ok, if you say so and if that would make you happy.

She : Oh, I love your clean shaven look and not this unkempt and scruffy look. And thank you!!

He : Anything for you my girl!

She : A shave a day, makes my heart go gay!

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