My Scary Crazy Weary Experiments

There are people who have perfect hair… long and shiny, straight and healthy which stays the way they should be, always!
Then there are people who have hair with natural curls. Though, it is a bit cumbersome to maintain these curly mass of hair but they simply look fabulous in whichever style they are turned into.
And then you have people like me who have a perpetual bad hair day. The reason is that they have hair that are neither straight nor curly and these hair have a mind of their own. They will stick out or flatten where you don’t want them to!
So, with hair like these, you experiment a lot, to get that perfect straight hair…

  • After reading a lot about hot oil massage being helpful in straightening hair. I once, used castor oil. Yes, my wild and stubborn hair for once looked straight but only when they were oiled. As castor oil is thick and sticky, so, had to use shampoo not once or twice but thrice to remove the sticky oil and the result…. scary hair that you get after getting a shock treatment. The hair had become more dry and were standing out in every possible direction because of excessive use of shampoo.
  • Then somebody suggested to make a paste of two mashed bananas along with two tablespoons each of yoghurt, honey, olive oil and one egg white. This paste was to be applied on the hair and kept it that way for 30 minutes and washed off later on. Guess what, it took a crazy two hours to remove that sticky and dried paste and not to mention the gallons of water that went down the drain!
  • When the home remedies, didn’t help much, I resorted to use the flat iron. I used it occasionally. For a while the hair looked good and straight for a change but the side effects were dry hair with no lustre which were progressively getting damaged along with a million split ends!
  • Finally, I thought of seeking  professional help. I visited a hair salon and got my hair straightened. The result was stunning. I loved my hair and the new look I had, but within 6 months, the straight hair look turned into a weird hairstyle. How? While the old hair (which was chemically treated) was straight but the new hair started growing the way it was destined to, ie in the wavy pattern. So, the resultant hairstyle was a terrible one! Also the hair definitely looked burnt because of this chemical straightening.

Now, I am off experiments with my hair and am content with my perpetual bad hair day look. But being an optimist, that I am, I hope some day there would be something simpler and easier and healthier that will give me that perfect straight hair look!
This post is my contribution to the Indiblogger The Straight Hair Experiment contest held in association with Sunsilk.
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