May Photo A Day : Day 21 : I Care About This…


If I say that I have a great liking for books, well that’s putting it mildly!

I was an early reader. I believe, I got this love for reading from my mother. No, she was not into reading novels, but she read the entire newspaper daily and 2-3 magazines that we used to subscribe to, every month. It was the school library where I discovered the magical world of books. The books at this place, like a time machine, transported me to far away places and dropped me in the lives of various characters and enchanting stories. With time, the love and passion for reading books has just increased.

Mark Twain had said, “Books! I dunno if I ever told you this, but books are the greatest gift one person can give another”. And I wholeheartedly agree with him. My first choice of gift for a child is a book. Have bought cloth books for toddlers too. It gives me immense pleasure to see a child immersed in the world of books.

I tried to inculcate the habit of reading in Aaryan from a very young age. I read stories to him, I listened to him, as he read and then sat with him as we both read our respective books.
I feel kind of sad to see that Aaryan has not inherited the love for reading books from me. He reads them but is yet to fall in love with them. I hope that day comes soon.

While I am very keen to give books as gifts, I hate sharing my books with anybody.
Reasons are many…

  • Once you lend the books, they rarely come back in the same condition… a tear here or a dog ear there, the worn or shabby look as the book is kept face-down on its open pages and the most outrageous and obnoxious part is underlining of interesting / important part with a pen!!
  • You may never get them back. Have lost so many good books that way!
  • You may have to put in a lot of efforts to get them back…repeated calls…SMSs…subtle hints… These efforts could continue for months altogether.

My books have moved from a small cupboard to a big cupboard. Very soon, I may need another abode for my lovelies.

Book lovers will understand me, and they will know too that part of the pleasure of a library lies in its very existence. – Jan Morris
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