May Photo A Day : Day 22 : Change

Even the explanation of FMS website said that today’s topic Change is a hard one.

I was worried and looking here and there for inspiration. Suddenly, KG asked about the reason for the antsy look. I explained and said “how can I show change in a photo!”

And he coolly said, what is so difficult about it.

His solution to my problem at hand was truly an Aha! moment. Thank you KG 🙂

Here’s the Change…


If you are wondering about the ancient coins (2, 3, 5, 10 and 20 paisa coins), there’s a story behind it.

After clicking the new coins, I suddenly had the brainwave of adding the old coins too. I remembered that my mother has quite a few of them with her. Immediately, I called her up to find that they were out for dinner. As soon as they were back home at 10.40 pm,  I requested KG to take me to their place.
No, he didn’t accompany me with a smile. 🙁

This post is a part of May Photo A Day.