Love is Vodka – A Shot Ain’t Enough

Title : Love is Vodka – A Shot Ain’t EnoughLove is Vodka
Author : Amit Shankar
Publisher : Vitasta Publishing Pvt Ltd
ISBN : 978-81-925354-4-9
Number of Pages : 203
Price [INR] : 195
Genre: Fiction

Being a love child; Moon is anything but a conventional teen. With a leading TV news anchor as her mother, an aspiring entrepreneur as her boy friend, the word LOVE baffles her. The whole idea of having one partner and love being eternal intrigues her. 

Life turns upside down when she falls for her mother’s boyfriend. Destiny further complicates things by blessing her with a mega modelling assignment and turning her famous overnight. A war between her head & heart exposes her to various hues of love. 

Will she decipher the true meaning of love? Embark on an exhilarating rendezvous with Moon and discover love like never before.

Review : I started reading this book last evening and finished reading it in about 3+ hours. This speaks a lot about the book. Love is Vodka – A Shot ain’t Enough is a nice breezy read.

The story is based on the premise that love is about expression of the soul, freedom and a joyous state of mind. It cannot be confined to the norms of the society, loyalty, morality etc. Moon, the protagonist, keeps falling in and out of love with men of different personalities. Every time she felt that her love for the man would last a lifetime. Alas, it doesn’t happen that way because life is a bitch. Finally, she realizes that it is all about loving your own self, figuring out the person inside you.

Analogy between Vodka and Love is interesting. To get the right kick one needs to have a few shots of Vodka. Similarly after some trials and errors, Moon comes a long way from being that self-obsessed, insecure girl, to learn much about herself. And in the process she discovers herself and learns that once she started to truly love herself  and focused on her own inner peace and happiness, true love came looking for her.

What is truly remarkable about this book is that being a male, the author has expressed a woman’s feelings and emotions, her needs, her insecurities, her thoughts in such an amazing way.

While reading Love is Vodka – A Shot ain’t Enough, there wasn’t a dull  moment as this book was easy to get into, had likeable characters and was a very fast read!. Also, it has a that perfect ending which leaves the reader thoroughly satisfied and smiling.

Having read this book, I will surely check out the author’s earlier two books too.

Rating : 4/5

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