The Day That Was Yesterday!

**Long Post Alert**

I saw, Suzy Que’s prompt on Write Tribe yesterday and I was thrilled. Thrilled, because she gave a tutorial on Free Write. Free Write, Suzy explained is to write down whatever comes into your mind for 15 straight minutes either as a word purge (no topic at all) or on a prompt. You must check her post for all the Dos and Don’ts. Coming back to the thrilled part. I realized that all my Live Blogging posts from Railway Stations, Trains or Bus or Airports are actually Free Writes. I was not aware of the term but I have done a lot of posts which can be categorized as Free Writes. Thank you Suzy for enlightening! πŸ™‚

Since, I mentioned ‘yesterday’ in this post, let me share my β€˜spectacular’ day that was yesterday.

Early in the morning, Krishna our maid, came and started doing the dishes and few minutes later the kitchen was flooded with water. No points for guessing, the drainage pipe was clogged. Both Krishna and I tried all the tricks in the book to get the water flowing smoothly in the drain, but alas! we failed. The sweeper, Mahesh was called. He assessed the situation and we had a conversation that reads like this…

He : I will charge Rs 200 for the job.
Me : Rs 200 is way too much for this task.
He: This is the standard rate. You can check with the Apartment Supervisor.
Me: Ok.

As he got busy with the task, I called the Supervisor and checked the rates with him. He informed, Rs 100, if some chemicals are used and Rs 50 without usage of any chemicals.

In flat 5 minutes, Mahesh got the drainage system working and gushing. I gave Rs 100 to him after explaining that I had a word with the Supervisor about the fixed rates. No, he had not used any chemicals. This cheeky guy kept the money on the kitchen slab and walked out and said arrogantly, β€œI am not taking Rs 100!” I was shocked but calmly dialled the Supervisor’s number and explained that I was magnanimous enough to give him Rs 100 for the job but it is still not acceptable to Mahesh. A chat with the manager and Mahesh left with Rs 100!

God! I dislike this brash attitude and kicked myself for paying Rs 100 instead of Rs 50. God knows, what was I thinking then.

Later in the day, while we were on our way to the bank, I told KG that I want to have tea, this very moment. He gave me a look which when translated verbally meant, β€œyou and your desires!’” AndΒ  guess what, just a few minutes later, we had the best coffee with the bank manager. Small joys make a big difference, truly!

In the evening, I went to Easy Day which is on the ground Floor of our apartment. The guard was not at the entrance and 2 small boys on their way out from the store stood under air door and enjoyed the cool air which was a contrast to the hot and humid weather outside. I did not interrupt their joy of feeling the cold air on their faces and waited for them outside the store. Seeing me smiling at their moment of bliss, they hurriedly left with a broad smile.

The cook was on leave yesterday. She is unwell. *SIGH* I checked the dinner options with KG. We zeroed on vegetable stew. I was about to hang up and KG said, β€˜You just do the preparations, I will cook’. This arrangement suits me well πŸ˜‰Β He came from work (I work too but I am home by 4.30 pm) and made the vegetable stew and all through the dinner and even after it, he could not stop himself from gloating about his cooking. The stew was simply awesome, no doubts about that. But what is this with chefs? They are so much in love with the food they cook. Even in the cookery shows on TLC, Zee Cafe, before the food hits their taste buds, all the chefs are quick to say, β€œOh this is delicious’ or β€˜Perfect’ or make those β€˜Ummms and ooohs’ sounds .

I mean I cook well but I never talk about it. That’s another story that I beam with pride when Aaryan is back from his boarding school and he says,Β  β€œMa, you make Rajma today (not the maid) or I miss your Kadhi at school”.

Talking about Aaryan, he will be home in the first week of October, just for a week! But we are all excited and I have already booked my tickets to bring my baby home!

How was your day yesterday?

Written for Write Tribe : Free WriteΒ  Prompt for 15 20 minutes


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