Spine Poetry – 9

Spine Poetry

The concept of book spine poetry appeared in 1993 with Nina Katchadourian’s Sorted Books project. Katchadourian began collecting interesting titles and arranging them in clusters so the spines could be read like a sentence(s) or poem.

Katchadourian’s Sorted Book Project manages to become more than an experiment in medium. Her playful photographed poems are sometimes cleverly arranged jokes or amusing images, but at other times, they are short and stunning thoughts on the nature of art and artists. You can see all the series at her website.

I came across this image which explains Spine Poetry so well…


Ok, here’s my today’s Spine Poetry


Diary of a Wimpy Vampire

And the Mountains Echoed

How about a Sin Tonight?

Murder on the Orient Express

Tasty Eating for Healthy Living

Cloud 9 minus One

You Never Know When You’ll Get Lucky!

Linking this post to the Ultimate Blog Challenge and October’s NaBloPoMo.

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  1. Thanks to you I came to know about this kind of poetry. And then I tried it with apoorva as well. We both enjoyed it a lot! And I agree with proactive Indian, it should be added to suspense thrillers 🙂

    • Wow! Agree, doing SP with friends is so much fun. I did once with my sisters and we had such crazy thoughts and ideas! Agree why dont you use this in your story somewhere 🙂