Key to Overcoming Writer’s Block

The blank page of the word document stares at you! The words get stuck somewhere. The muse is miles away. The harder you try, the worse it gets. The amazing post that you want to write is not taking any form or shape. You struggle and fluster, you concentrate and stare… the result is still that blank page!! You think it is the headache or you are plain overwrought, but no, it is the dreadful Writer’s Block.Writer's Block

The reasons for a  Writer’s Block could be anything or nothing at all. But the fact is that it is something that you want to be miles away from. And still it is there, staring blankly at you!

They say, writing is hard work and you can make it even harder by accepting the Writer’s Block.

Here are some key pointers that I use to overcome this distressing affliction, the Writer’s Block:

  • Free Write : This works for me always.   Somebody said it so rightly, “Dont get it right, just get it written”. I write whatever comes off the top of my head. I write about something random or my day or the garbled thoughts in my head and voila! I have a post ready. Try it, it works beautifully.
  • Tea : Nothing refreshes me than my mug of tea. Yes, a mug and not a cup, and my grey cells get their oil and grease and they attempt to get their act together.
  • Take a break : A walk in the garden, a swim, listening to some music for a few minutes, chatting with somebody or gentle stretching exercises can be very stimulating and refreshing. This is something that I love, as it kills two birds with one stone.
  • Mundane jobs : I believe mundane jobs help me relax. I am not thinking much and just mechanically removing the clothes from the clothesline or folding them or ironing.  And we all know that a relaxed mind can think better and perform better.
  • Read : Inspiration can strike anywhere. So, I pick up a book or read something on the net or read my favourite blogs and sooner or later, I get the muse back.
  • Time pass : This is the easiest thing to do. Staring at my Facebook wall and Twitter feed can turn the minutes into hours. No, it is not a waste of time. Social media is a BIG goldmine of ideas!
  • Read old posts : This is another thing that I indulge myself with. Reading old posts when that writer’s block is snarling its head up, fills me with that warm happy feeling. It kills the self doubt that silently creeps in. It helps in giving that small push or a reminder that all is well and that I can do it, again!
  • Brain games : It is always fun to tickle the brain with a word puzzle or a bubble breaker or a strategy game. The brain likes challenges and these puzzles certainly help my brain to come out of slumber.

We all are different and different things work for us. But the idea is to figure out what works for us and snap out of that Writer’s Block.

How do you overcome writer’s block?

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