Random Ramblings

I am in that state of mind where there are a score of thoughts going on in that head on my shoulders and if I could translate them into words, at least a dozen posts on the blog can see the light of the day. And at this point of time, my baby blog can do with some posts, if not a dozen. But when I sit and try to put that into action, the thoughts just seem to freeze and a blank page stares back at me.

After having seen that blank page for a couple of days now, I decided to change the modus operandi and do what I do best at this space… random ramblings. So here, I go and break that jinxed blank page and frozen thoughts state.

  • Aaryan’s back home for his summer vacation which will last just a fortnight and the home is buzzing with all the chatter and laughter. Cartoons have made an entry in our living room once again and I am trying to refresh my memory as I try to put a face to the cartoon characters from their voices while I am doing my work. And of course, the kitchen is throbbing with activity and the fridge is reeling under the pressure of being opened and closed (with a bang!), every few minutes. And we are lovin’ it!
  • The other day, we were walking from our cab to the bus that would take us back home. He had this big rucksack on his shoulders and he took my laptop bag from me. As I quibbled a bit over this, he said, “Ma, I insist!” and I had this amazed and a bowled over look on my face and a grin that refused to go away for a long long time. Then, a few minutes later, we had to climb a raised platform. He got up first and gave me his hand for support, just like KG. As I took his hand in mine, he pulled me up with firmness and strength that made me go all awww and mush. Time goes by so fast, it’s so hard to believe, why just yesterday he was a lil baby who held my hand with his lil fingers and today a 12 year old boy, all grown up and so responsible!
  • I have a lot on my plate to read and review. I am tempted to post reviews almost every other day, and I have done that in the recent past. Though I am very happy to read so many books and review too, somehow, I am not liking the look of my blog which now-a-days looks like a book reviewing blog. While, I may have to post the book reviews frequently, I guess, I need to get my act together and get back to more ramblings, 55 fictions, drabbles….
  • Talking about books, while it is amazing that so many people are exploring their creative writing skills and are becoming published authors too. I wish if they’d focus on quality work. There’s nothing more time wasting and frustrating than trying to complete a poorly edited book.
  • And just now, I had a chat with Kajal and we have decided to do the July Ultimate Blogging Challenge. And suddenly there is excitement in the air. Let me sign off for now and start thinking and planning for the brand new month that starts tomorrow. July, here we come!! Why don’t you join us too… the more the merrier!

See you around 🙂