Life’s Like That


I always ask myself one question, what have I done to evoke this kind of response from him.

Is it fear or hatred?

I was scurrying past him but his ever alert and watchful eyes caught me.

I stood motionless while his breath was suspended.

Seeing that manic look in his eyes, I knew, my end was near.

I screamed for help but who’d hear my pleas. I wanted to curl up into a ball and escape this horror.

Suddenly, he turned and fled into his room as relief washed all over me.

Aah! It’s tough living with an Arachnophobic!*

Linking this to July 2014 Ultimate Blogging Challenge and NaBloPoMo

This month, I plan to share Drabbles on Emotions along with a few book reviews.

*Arachnophobia is an abnormal fear of spiders.