Lucifer’s Lungi

Title: Lucifer’s LungiLucifer’s Lungi
Author: Nitin Sawant
Publisher: Fablery
ISBN: 978-81-928937-0-9
Number of Pages: 111
Price [INR] : 120
Genre: Fiction

An atheist city-slicker unleashed on a medieval holy village…

A simpleton village priest’s boy who blindly worships and guards a pantheon of Gods and Their traditions…

Strange things happen when their worlds collide!

This is a tale of that turmoil on a lonely night in a jungle, when the ghosts you never knew till a few hours ago are let loose on the ghosts that you always carried within, unknowingly.

Welcome to the unholy clash of beliefs, fears and frailties with unknown Gods and demons. A clash that will test your convictions. A clash that will rabidly claw and unmask your subconscious, leaving you naked and paralyzed in front of your demons – in a climax that is as ambiguous as it is certain…

Welcome to the madness of ‘Lucifer’s Lungi’… where What-You-See-Is-NOT-What-You-Get…

The title of the book piqued my curiosity and the blurb of the book sparked some more interest. Lucifer’s Lungi is a story of a software entrepreneur who led such a dull life that on a silent night he could hear his soul rust, and that was till his colleagues suggested him to travel the countryside. Thus, began his series of enchanted escapades till he reached a place where normally they don’t see people like him going down there.

The protagonist (no, we don’t get to know his name) meets friendly people in that picturesque little village who had faith in quaint mythological legends. The protagonist who is a proud product of modern scientific education, schooled under some of the finest technical brains and management masters finds this whole belief in the God and the Devil, and the rituals and traditions to ward off the evil contrary to his philosophy of life. What follows in his journey is a watershed moment that transforms him.

A small pocket size book with over 100 pages, Lucifer’s Lungi is a fast paced story with a novel plot, which I finished reading in a couple of hours. I liked the author’s expression that creates strong visual imagery such that the story comes alive in front of your eyes. And that it is laced with humour adds to the charm. However, it has a few grammatical mistakes. Also, a lot in the story is un-explained and has been left to the reader’s imagination. While at places leaving a few things unsaid stimulates the thought but adding mystery to a mystery can be pretty baffling. Better spacing between the paragraphs could have enhanced the reading experience.

Lucifer’s Lungi despite a few gaps, keeps you interested and glued to the book. It is definitely an impressive and thrilling page-turner.

Rating : [usr 3.75 text=”false” size=20]