Life Lessons

It’s day 8 of the every day blogging challenge and I am stuck. Stuck on day 6 still.  The festive season and catching up with friends had taken precedence over writing. Scarce time resource coupled with thoughts of piled up pending blog posts kind of paralyzed me into inaction. The more I thought about it, the more a voice was telling me loudly that, ‘I have hit the wall and I cant go past it now. And that I am stuck and that it is too late now’.

While I wanted to get moving again, but something was blocking me. This feeling of being stuck was so strong that it was limiting my ability to break free and get back to writing again.

And then I realized that these negative thoughts will not get me anywhere as I am only confined by the walls I build around myself. No matter, how difficult or tough the situation is, I must muster up the courage to face it.

So, here’s what I did, when I felt I was stuck. I listened to my heart and banished all the negative thoughts. I calmed my agitated self by doing Reiki for a few minutes in the balcony. While the cool breeze after a light drizzle that brushed against my face  refreshed me, Reiki helped me to release the stress and calm the mind too. It helped me focus as well. And then, I switched on my laptop and started writing whatever thoughts I had. Once I shared what was bugging me and shared the extemporary thoughts, I am seeing that a coherent post is taking shape and form.

So, here I am with one post down and 2 more to go to get my everyday blogging on track.

So what do you do when you are stuck in a sticky/tricky situation?

Whe you are stuck