Askme.Com Foodies Meetup

Last weekend,, organized their first ever Foodies Meetup in Jaipur! I went for the meet with my blogging buddy Chicky Kadambari and sister Aashima. The venue chosen for the meet was Oopper Restro Lounge.

The idea was to Discover. Eat. Share.

Discover all about and tips and tricks of Food Photography., which is termed as the Bapp of all apps is a disruptive new age consumer brand.ask-me-app It offers a platform that seamlessly ties search, classified (post an ad), deals (buy now) and commerce. It helps users to have access to hyper-local information 24×7. I liked the concept of communities on Askme. At present there are 6 communities on, which are very informative and interesting. They are related to Travel Wellness, Education, Interiors, Weddings and Fashion.

Jaipur Photographer’s Club conducted a 45-minute food photography workshop. Food Photography is in my bucket list so, I was keenly looking forward to learn the basics, tips and tricks when clicking food. Though 45 minutes is too short a time for this vast subject, but it was wonderful to gain some insights from the professional photographers.

Eat the yummy food that they served at Ooper Restro Lounge. The food was good, the service was prompt, the decor was contemporary. The lighting inside was a bit of a dampener, though. It was so dark inside with minimal lighting, thank God for the light from the LCD projector!

2015-03-21 16.02.45

Share the experience on our blog. It was a wonderful experience to network, learn and grow. Met bloggers from Jaipur for the first time and it was awe-inspiring that one of them,  earns in lakhs per month from his blog. And he was kind enough to share his experience too.

Askme Foodie Meet

This is the group pic of all of us at the meet. Did I tell you that Aashima and I won a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates for answering a few questions. And we all got a coffee mug as a memento. Thank you and Jaipur Photographer’s Club!