While women have achieved remarkable success in entering and conquering male dominated roles and jobs, we are still lagging when it comes to traditional gender roles in the home. Men may help around sometimes at home but it is women who still do the bulk of the housework. And we have data to prove that!


Yes, gender inequality in Indian homes is alive and kicking.

I believe, our household is pretty progressive. KG and I have split the work at home. The domestic chores at our home are not labelled as ‘His and Hers’. They are done as per the time availability, convenience and passion. I can watch my favourite movie on the television without worrying about the dinner or work on my presentation while KG irons the clothes for the next day. So, right from cooking, washing dishes, dusting to doing laundry, we do it without labelling it as one person’s domain chore. Of course, I have the upper hand in finding faults in his laundry and it is his prerogative to pick on the food that I cook.Laundry room rules

KG does laundry at home only when I am traveling for a week or more. And that’s because, the house looks like it is hit by a hurricane with clothes lying anywhere and everywhere (seeing that look of the home, brings out my OCD for cleaning the house big time and he hates my tired and haggard look at the end of the day!) or when he wants to wear his favourite shirt/tee which is lying in a heap of dirty laundry.

The cleanliness/orderliness freak in me hates his laundry for he has no patience to handle different clothes differently. The delicate and fine dresses and the sturdy jeans all get washed and tumbled dried together! Aarrgghh! I remember, a few months ago, he had ruined a whole lot of wash load because of the colour bleeding from one of the dining table mat. Double Aarrgghh!! So, one of my instructions before leaving for a tour is ‘Stay away from the washing machine!’

I read about the “Share the Load” campaign from Ariel, which is a call to action for people, men in particular, to share the burden of household chores. I thought that it was the best opportunity to share the tips and tricks of doing laundry with the man, when I am at home. And like always, he was a big sport!

As I gave a running commentary on how to sort the dirty clothes in different piles along with my expert comments from years of experience, to the amount of detergent to be added, the timer for washing and rinsing clothes, the man followed all the instructions to the tee.

He took the lessons pretty seriously just like his look in this pic. DSC_0227

Am I proud of him?! Totally! Completely! ♥

Hopefully, we will have sparkling clean and stain free clothes even when the washing machine is used in my absence!

I believe, gender equality just cant be enforced after marriage, it has to be inculcated from the childhood. I am glad that as parents, KG and I are teaching and fostering gender equality by example to our child.

KG took the #WashBucketChallenge and is inspired to #ShareTheLoad. Are you?

I nominate my friends to get any male member in their family, to pledge to #ShareTheLoad by taking the #WashBucketChallenge with Ariel India.

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