Hire Police Verified Drivers

Are you looking to hire a driver? Have you considered getting a background check and Police verification of the driver before hiring? If not, read on…

It does not matter how skilled you are at interviewing people or how much trustworthy are your gut instincts. It makes sense to get the Police verification done.  Here are the reasons why…

You are vulnerable
Most of the crimes/offences are committed by people who are known to you. They know your routines and schedules, your family and your vulnerabilities. Hell, they even know the alarm systems and may have keys to your intricate locks too.

Good ‘references’ are not enough
We all think that good references will be able to stop the probability of a crime. Even someone with a good reference may be tempted to commit an offence. The reasons could be many…

High rise apartments, high danger
Crime statistics suggest that families living in big apartment complexes are the most vulnerable. It is strange, considering the security services with round the clock guards and CCTV cameras. Police believe that these apartment complexes provide anonymity.

Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

  • Verify all domestic help with the police, even those who work part-time.
  • Do not hire any domestic help on the recommendation of your milkman, driver and security guards. Get references from employers.
  • Do not let your domestic servant’s ‘friends’ inside your house.
  • Whenever a new servant is employed, the police station should be informed. His photographs, fingerprints and other details must be obtained and verified.

Saaarthi Household Solutions Helps Hire Verified Drivers

  • Police Clearance Check (PCC) Done for all deployed drivers.police-verification
  • Complete set of fingerprints, Photographs and other details are maintained on their servers.
  • RTO verification of all driver licenses to prevent license fraud.
  • Complete background Verification of Individuals with Reference checks are done.
  • Reference of one/two previous employers kept in their database.

SAAARTHI.COM the only place to hire Police verified and trained drivers. Verification of prospective driver is an important way to reduce the risk of crimes and offences.

Be Safe! Always hire police verified domestic help.