15 Weird and Fun Ways to Make Money

Have you ever thought of making money having fun? Well, there are many weird ways you can earn some extra cash, if you are game!

I am sharing some 15 fun ways you can make money with. All of these jobs are for real and 100% legit.  You can try anyone of them if you like to make money having some fun.

Both men and women can try these jobs and earn some extra cash.

1. Eat Like a Pig and Make Some Extra Cash

You can eat like a pig and make money out of it. You will be paid for eating rather the other way round. There are contests and tournaments where the contestant who can eat the most wins the prize. So the winner is the one who can eat everything quickly.

2. Manage Facebook Pages and Twitter Account for Dead People

You can manage Facebook pages for dead people and get paid for doing that. Facebook gives legacy contact to manage the pages once the owner is dead. You can get paid if you know someone who is willing to pay you for doing that once they have gone.

3. Play Video Games for Prizes

This is nothing new and you know there are tournaments where you play games score points and be the winner. Every winner is paid a cash amount depending upon how big the tournament is. You have to apply for such tournaments if you are a gamer.

4. Giving Someone a Laughter Therapy

You can be a therapist if know about laughter therapy. Treating people with laugh is real fun. You will not have any shortage of clients who are seeking laughter therapy. It is a serious profession and you can even take it full time if you like.

5. Become a Demolition Expert

It would be a real fun demolishing old buildings. You can become a supervisor and demolish buildings every day. Demolition is a big spectacle and everyone wants to see it. You can be the in charge of this great event.

6. Animal Trainer and Sitter

I think you already know about animal trainer and sitter. You can train a dog for fun and make some money. Rich people also need an animal sitter to look after their pets. Animal sitters are just like baby sitters. But being a baby sitter is no fun.

7. Rodeo Clown and Mascot

You become a clown or a mascot, you often see them outside kid’s stores and other family places. Although the job could be tough if chosen it to be a full time work but if you work part time then it is just fun.

8. Become a Guinea Pig

This could be serious but if you like then you can. There is no fun in becoming a guinea pig. Your body will be subjected to clinical trials. A new drug will be tested on your body. It is no fun but money is great.

9. Donate Sperm, Blood and Body Hair

This is the easiest way to make money. You can donate sperm, blood, body hair, breast milk or other body parts to make money. You will be paid for doing all of this. In fact many people are already making money doing this.

10. Scrounge Scrap Metals

There are certain precious metals that are in great demand. Metals like gold and silver are needed by electronic companies. You can search for gold and silver by scrounging scrap metals in a junkyard. Scrounging is no fun but it is certainly a weird way to make money.

11. Become an Ice or a Sand Sculptor

This is an art mixed with fun. Creating magnificent sculpture out of ice is great way to make money. If you don’t have ice then you can create it with sand. There are professional sculptors who are paid on regular basis.

12. Rent a Friend

Rent a friend is a new concept. You can go to a dating site where you can find people who are ready to become your friend for money. The relationship is platonic and you get paid for just being a friend.

13. Become an Hangover Helper

Dorm rooms need hangover helpers to help guys after they drank too much the other night. He is going to assist you in cleaning your room and helping out with other things. The helper gets paid in return.

14. Reading Ads Online

This is really fun ways to make money because there are many sites which provide you this type of job where you can get paid for reading 10 seconds or 30 seconds ad.

15. Back Up Artists

The last one is back up artists. You can become a supporting artist. While shooting a scene they need people to show a mob or a crowd. You can be one of the artists in the crowd. You can get paid for just standing in the crowd.

So these were 15 weird and fun ways to make money. Which of these appeal to you? Would you try any of these to make money?