Going Skin +ve

Skin types vary, and so should the moisturizers you use. Despite the vast variations, nearly all skin types can benefit from the right type of face and body moisturizer. Without a daily dose of hydration your skin would be flaky, itchy and tight.

Recently, I came across a new range of moisturizing cream and lotion. It’s Banjara’s Skin +ve range of Beauty Cream and Body Lotion.

Skin +ve

The pomegranate extracts in Skin +ve  Beauty Cream accelerates the skin repair process, firms and tightens the skin.  Olive oil, wheat germ oil and Provitamin B5 help build skin elastic and hydrated. SPF 15 and PA++ provide broad spectrum from sun damage. So Banjara’s Skin +ve  Beauty Cream claims to work on the skin in 3 ways that is it protects, repairs and hydrates. So it keeps the skin hydrated, build skin elasticity, repair skin damage and protect skin from both UVA and UVB sun rays keeping it healthy, youthful and flawless.

Skin +ve Body Lotion is enriched with pomegranate, honey and butters. Pomegranate extracts protects the skin from aging rapidly due to moisture loss and accelerates the skin repair process. Honey rejuvenates and softens the skin. Shea butter and Kokum butter gives a silky smooth skin.

I tried Skin +ve Beauty Cream and Body Lotion for about 2 weeks and quite liked the effect it had on my skin. The Skin +ve Beauty Cream which comes in a slender tube with a nozzle which dispenses a small amount of the the cream, moisturizes the skin perfectly and shows that a little goes a long way. The cream makes the skin look visibly soft and minimizes pores. The SPF 15 and PA++ in the cream protected from scorching sun and there wasn’t any need to use an extra sun block cream or lotion.

The Skin +ve Body Lotion is good for skin that needs a serious boost of moisture. It has grease-free texture and is absorbed easily. What I liked about the Skin +ve Body Lotion is that it lasts all day without causing breakouts or greasiness.

Ideal for all skin types, Banjara’s Skin +ve range of Beauty Cream and Body Lotion have an amazing fragrance and are pretty affordable. Skin +ve Beauty Cream is priced at Rs. 50 for 20gm and  Rs. 100 for 40gm and Skin +ve Body Lotion  comes at Rs. 80 for 100ml and Rs. 140 for 200ml bottle.

If you are looking for a body lotion and cream that protects skin from harmful UV rays, hydrates skin without making it look oily and greasy and is friendly on pocket too, check out Banjara’s Skin +ve range of Beauty Cream and Body Lotion.