Skywatch Friday : Silver Lining

The storm was brewing on the horizon and soon it started rolling in faster. The sky which was clear except for one wispy cloud, moments ago, turned into charcoal grey. Clouds began to rumble and darken. The wind was not howling. It was screaming. The sea below started stirring with big waves ready to swallow everything that would come in their way.

Suddenly, there was a crack in the dark storm clouds and a bit of sunlight peeked through the clouds, promising of new possibilities.

Every cloud has a silver lining

More often than not, we find ourselves sitting under a dark, black gloomy cloud. Sometimes, these dark clouds turn into small quick rains or hurricanes and even tornados. That’s life for us. But no matter how rough things get, there’s always something good that can be gleaned from the toughest of tough times. No matter how hard life may seem at the moment, a new opportunity always comes our way to make it better. Though it is hard to believe at that moment but every cloud has a silver lining. There is hope always and it shines brightest in darkness.

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