Things are as they are, not as they should be!

Stories of Hope from India in Corona Times #WATWB

Things are as they are, not as they should be!

Stories of Hope from India in Corona Times #WATWB

We are seeing some dark and gloomy days all over the world as the Corona virus continues to spread. Numbers of infections and fatalities are rising, cities and even countries are shutting and many people are being forced into isolation. But amid all the distressing news, there have also been reasons to find hope. Here are snippets of heartwarming and inspiring stories from India during these trying times that warms our hearts.

  • Noida police stepped up to deliver groceries and medicines to an old woman who was stuck inside her house. The police posted a video of the incident revealing that they had received a call from her husband asking them to help her as she was unwell and stuck inside her house amid the lockdown. Rising to their duty, the Noida police delivered the ration and medicines to the woman in Sector 22 of Noida.

  • Noticing that hand sanitisers and masks were flying off the shelves, and anticipating that the shortage would lead to more panic, Harshika Singh, the Collector of  Tikamgarh roped in 150 women from Self-Help Groups across the district to make these valuable products. They prepare up to 1,500 sanitisers daily, and their price varies from Rs 10-25. Meanwhile, masks are available at Rs 20. These women are abiding by the social distancing protocol, and the products are prepared at home.

Sanitizers and Masks Made by Self-Help Groups

  • A similar move was adopted by Preeti Maithil, the DC of MP’s Sagar district, who took advantage of an in-built handloom centre in the district jail. 55 jail inmates managed to manufacture 10,000 washable, reusable and double-layered cloth masks. The masks are distributed for free to frontline health workers, doctors and the police and people can purchase them at local shops for Rs 10 per piece.

Masks made by Jail Inmates

  • The daily wage workers are worst affected by the Corona pandemic. Some good smaritans in Jaipur are ensuring that they have food in their belly because we can fight against a virus but not against hunger.

  • Mumbai-based NGO Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA) conducted an early assessment in 20+ settlements across four locations in the Greater Mumbai area —Vasai Virar, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Panvel where they work. They identified over 1,500 low-income and vulnerable families in dire need of support, in the wake of COVID-19. YUVA launched its campaign ‘Together We Can’ to raise funds to offer emergency relief in the form of food kits to these marginalised families. The kit consists of rice, wheat, pulses, and oil, to last a week and costs Rs 600 per package. In the last three days, the NGO’s volunteers have distributed these to 688 marginalised families comprising 3,440+ individuals.
  • Mumbai based social activist, Chinu Kwatra’s Roti Ghar, has opened its kitchen to cook food for daily wage earners. 1,000 freshly-cooked meals are delivered to security guards, labourers, and rag pickers in Mumbai, Thane, Airoli, Bhiwandi. Roti Ghar will provide these meals twice a day.

Roti Ghar

In these testing times, there are people who are reaching out to the people with a helping hand.It is heartwarming to read about messages of hope and solidarity which are springing up in unusual places.

So while we keep ourselves and our families safe by staying at home, keep calm and do spare a thought for those who are less privileged. Take care and stay at home.WATW-Turquoise-Badge-320-x280-White_thumb

This post is part of the We Are the World Blogfest, a monthly blogging event created by Damyanti Biswas and Belinda Witzenhausen to showcase stories of hope and light. This month, I’m helping out as a co-host, along with extraordinary bloggers : Sylvia McGrath, Damyanti Biswas, Dan Antion, and Belinda Witzenhausen. Please hop over to check out their WATWB posts as well as from other WATWB participants for a dose of feel-good to last you a whole month. You’ll be happy you did!


  • I do believe that the world is full of good people. At difficult times, people do come together to help.
    I do wish that more people spread stories of kindness rather than dishing out statistics of doom. It does help to keep the morale up with stories that warm your heart. Thanks for sharing

  • A much needed blog post amidst all the negativity and distress. We need to find positive in each and every situation. This too shall pass with the trust and courage. We just need to be bit careful. Most of all Kudos to these people who are working tirelessly for us! May god bless them. Thank you for sharing the wonderful post, Shilpa. Dil Khush ho gaya! 😀

  • It is so inspiring to read these stories of hope, as all we seem to be seeing is the doom and gloom. As we enter our first day of lock down in South Africa, I hope that we also start to see our own stories of hope as the days unfold. My spirit is lifted after reading this! Thank you for sharing Shilpa.

  • Thank you for sharing these stories of community support and good work. Here in the UK our news is mostly depressing right now, but earlier this week the government put out a call for volunteers to help the National Health Service. They asked for 250,000 volunteers and received 450,000 requests in just 24 hours!

    We are all willing to help, although for my part that involves staying at home with my children and feeling a bit useless… Oh well, it is a fast-moving situation, next week might be a whole new story!

  • People helping people is truly the best way to live.

  • These are our true heroes

  • Thanks Shilpa, the worst of times brings out the best in people. Here in SA so many live below the breadline but there are so many organisations, individuals and our government who reach out to ensure they won’t go hungry or without water, soap and basics.

  • It is great to see people rise to the occasion and lend a helping hand however they can.

  • Good to see people volunteering at this time of global crisis.

  • Its a heart warming post shilpa; at this time more than ever, there is a need to stand together and face these challenges; may God bless these volunteers and grant them good health of mind and body. Its inspiring to see so much of good happening despite the severe crisis. Thank you for sharing .

  • Wonderful stories Shilpaa. I love the Bombay initiative to feed security guards. Thank you for co-hosting.

  • Your post is refreshingly different and is like an oasis in the desert of scary and negative reports.It shows that kindness and compassion is very much prevalent even in tough times. Thank you.

  • It’s so very heartwarming to see responses to the pandemic – the bright lights that shine in communities and nations. I hope you are well and that your country is able to keep the negative news to a minimum.

  • Coronavirus has brought people together in our nation. everyone is working hard to help each other in getting through these trying times. Even my clinic: Prystin Care center has taken the initiative to provide masks and sanitizers supply to any running hospital or any person who needs it.
    one small step towards goodness and the chain continues.

    • People never fail to surprise me. On one had there are news of hoarding, on the other there are these gentle souls who are thinking about others in these tough times. Your post has warmed my heart. It’s so wonderful to read news like these.

  • Hi Shilpa – thanks for the good news snippets – hunger will be critical for so many … it’s good to know communities and organisations are stepping up to help. Also the hand-sanitisers and masks are essentials for us all now-a-days … take care and look after as many as you can … stay safe – Hilary

  • This is heartwarming! I love seeing communities coming together in times like these, it really instils a sense of hope that we’ll emerge from this as a kinder, gentler global community! Thanks so much for sharing and for being a part of #WATWB. Stay safe and be well! 🙂

  • This is such a wonderful post! People from all walks of life – police, inmates, everyone pulling together to help. I like that you call these testing times, These tests will make us stronger and closer. We are going to get through this!

  • Thank you for posting this. We in the U. S. hear some positive news, stories of people helping others, but most news is bad–which we need to hear, but a constant barrage can be depressing. You offer inspiration and hope. We also benefit from personal accounts of what’s happening in other countries. I’ll post this to Facebook. Thank you again.

  • What big hearts some people have. Always grateful for them.
    Stay well and safe.

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