How to Read Kindle Books on PC

Kindle is the most preferred choice for reading eBooks. But you dont need the Kindle device to read Kindle books. Yes, you can read Kindle books on PC. You can turn your PC or laptop to a big screen eBook reader and read Kindle books from Amazon. Here are the three methods to read Kindle books on PC..

1.Use Amazon’s Kindle for PC
  • Sign into your Amazon account and visit the Kindle App page.
  • Click on “Download for PC & Mac” and your download will automatically begin.

Download Kindle for PC

  • Install the software as you would any program file, then open the Kindle for PC app when successfully installed.
  • Enter your Amazon account information and sign in.
  • Buy Kindle books from Amazon. There are thousands of free Kindle books too.
  • Click on the Kindle icon on your PC, your Kindle library will appear. Double click on any title to read the book on your PC.

Kindle for PC

While I have the Kindle device, I still use Kindle for PC for reading graphic novels or PDFs.

2. Use Kindle Cloud Reader

Kindle Cloud Reader enables you to read Kindle books without downloading any software or app. It is a web-based tool developed by Amazon that allows you to instantly read Kindle books online on a web browser. The reader is compatible with browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox.  It doesn’t require Kindle e-reader or a tablet. Follow the given below steps to read Kindle books online in a web browser.

  • Go to Kindle Cloud Reader Sign-in page here.
  • Sign-in to Kindle Cloud Reader with your Amazon account information.
  • A pop-up window appears asking you to set up Kindle Cloud Reader for reading.

Download Kindle Cloud Reader

  • Click Enable Offline button and then you will be asked to install a browser extension.
  • Click on Install button, and once the installation is complete, you will be able to read books when you are offline.
  • Once you sign in to the Kindle Cloud Reader, you will see Kindle library on the main page.

Kindle Cloud Reader

  • Simply double click on the book cover to start reading the book.

How to Read Kindle Books on PC

3. Use Third-Party Reader App

Kindle books purchased from Amazon are protected with Kindle DRM, so Kindle books can be used only on Kindle associated devices and software. However, you can read  Kindle books on a third party reader installed on your computer by removing Kindle DRM from Kindle books. There are various tools and software like Calibre to remove DRM from the eBook. All you need to do is to follow the following steps…

  • Download the Kindle books on your computer using the Kindle app.
  • Download the Calibre-ebook management
  • Import the books into Calibre’s Library, and the tool will stripe out  Kindle Propriety formats to your desired file type.
  • Once the conversion is done, you will see the converted ebook in the main window of the Calibre library.
  • Add the Kindle books to your reader app like Calibre, Bibliovore, Freda, Bookviser Reader etc to enjoy reading your favorite ebook on PC.

So go on and can enjoy all the benefits of eBooks and read the latest bestsellers and literary classics on your laptop or desktop computer.

Do you read Kindle Books on PC?