35 Things Only Book Lovers Would Truly Understand

Do you believe that books are therapy? Do you stay up all night because you just have to finish just one more page… chapter… okay, the whole novel. Do you cry your eyes out over a book? Do you sometimes wish that your favorite characters were real. If yes, you’re a true book lover. Here are 35 things only book lovers would truly understand.

1. You want to finish your book – but you don’t want to finish the book.

2. You know that reading a book is (almost always) better than watching its movie adaptation.

3. You get so emotionally involved while reading a book that you laugh, cry (and sometimes sob uncontrollably) and wish it was rewritten as per your expectations.

4. You truly believe that books are therapy and that during distressing times nothing can comfort you better than a good book.

5. You have read so many wonderful books that it is difficult to pick one as a favorite.

6. You feel a strong bond with fictional bookworms such as Elizabeth Bennet, Matilda or Hermione Granger.

7. If looks could kill, the person who is trying to talk to you while you are sucked into a completely different world of your book, would had been dead eons ago.

8. You do not like distractions while reading. Eating while reading is totally acceptable though. But sometimes you forget to eat because you’re reading.

9. You love the smell of old books.

10. But fresh new books smell wonderful as well.

11. Curling up in bed with a book is heaven.

12. You have piles of books everywhere in your home, even if you have a bookshelf!

13. You develop an instant bond with other bibliophiles.

14. You’d rather stay home and read a good book than go out.

35 Things Only Book-Lovers Would Truly Understand

And here are some more things only book lovers would understand

15. Finishing a good book in one sitting is what you’d prefer always.

16. Trying to understand why someone doesn’t love to read baffles and  confounds you!

17. You’re that friend who always buys books as presents for all friends!

18. You believe that books can teach you important lessons about life.

19. Nothing beats a cup of coffee (or tea) and a good book.

20. The perfect way to spend a rainy day is by reading!

21. Reading outside on a beautiful day is great as well, though

22. But honestly, you can read anywhere if the book is good.

23. No book is too long, if it’s good.

24. You skip to the end of the book “just to see” and instantly regret it.

25. No other activity can be as worthy as reading.

26. You are possessive of your books and lend your books with great reluctance

27. You spend way too much money on books.

28. You can spend hours in a bookstore trying to pick out your favorite books.

29. You cannot leave a bookstore without buying a book.

30. Buying books gives you a bigger rush than diamonds or pearls.

31. You were hesitant in accepting and exploring Kindles and audiobooks. But now you are a convert.

32. If there’s a movie adaptation coming out, you have to read the book first.

33. You get jealous of people who have more books than you.

34. If someone judges you for your love of books, you just ignore them.

35. Because at the end of the day, opening and reading a book is a great way to escape from such thoughtless people.

Do you agree?