20 Cool Words Every Book Lover Should Know

For book lovers, words are the most beautiful things that existed in the world. They are the keys to magical worlds. It is the words that they love, the big and the small, the ones that make a way in their notebooks and in their vocabulary! Today, I am sharing some amazingly cool words that every book lover should know, for they are all about books and everything bookish.

1. Book-Bosomed

Someone who carries a book with her at all times

2. Bibliobibuli

People who read too much.

3. Bookarazzi

A book lover who excitedly takes photos of the books they read and posts them online.

4. Lectory

Refers to your reading place.

5. Librocubicularist

Refers to one whose lectory is the bed!

6. Logophile

A lover of words.

7. Tsundoku

The act of leaving a book unread after buying it, typically piling it up together with other such unread books

20 Cool Words Every Book Lover Should Know

8. Bibliosmia

The smell or aroma of a good book

9. Biblioklepts

Those who steal books

10. Readadultery

The act of being unfaithful to one book by reading another simultaneously.

11. Sentranced

The state of being captivated by a well-written sentence.

12. Perfictionist

A fiction reader with high expectations.

13. Bibliphagist

A devourer of books/a voracious reader


14. Bibliotaph

A reader who hoards her books and protects them from others.

15. Princeps

First editions or first prints of books

16. Bookklempt

State of being resulting from the completion of the last book in a series for which there are no more books left, and you are not yet emotionally prepared to begin a new series.

17. Colophon

A publisher’s emblem or imprint, usually on the title page of a book

18. Libricide

The killing of, or total destruction of a book

19. Scrollmate

An author the reader feels a deep connection with.

20. Shelfrighteous

A feeling of superiority about one’s bookshelf.

Which of these words you can identify with? Which word did you like the most?