Some Questions??

Why do we….questions1219

  • Talk to our pets especially dogs in English?
  • Crave for what’s bad for us? Cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, ice-cream…
  • Get some songs stuck in our head?
  • Keep making the same mistakes?
  • Dwell on the past, when we can create our future?
  • Call everyone driving faster than us an idiot and everyone driving slower than us a moron?
  • We press the start button to turn off the computer?
  • Constantly return to the refrigerator with hopes that something new to eat will have materialized?
  • Say we’re head over heels when we’re happy or in love? Isn’t that the way we normally are?
  • Talk about our kids incessantly with our friends? Aren’t we boring everyone to death with our non-stop kid-related chatter?
  • Never say “it’s only a game” when we are winning?
  • Put a towel in the dirty clothes basket when after a shower we are clean?


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10 thoughts on “Some Questions??

  1. Every Man has some idiosyncrasies or whims we are not bots we can’t be debugged if it were so I would have been a genius mathematician but still….
    Shawian quote “Life is a series of inspired follies”

  2. I think….
    1) those names are quite impersonal for us and makes it easy for us to call our dogs that !!! imagine if it was rachana or aditya how’d u feel !!!
    2) all sinful things in the world are wunnerful….and they all have a feel good factor howsoever temporary….so we crave
    3) remember when we were kids our teachers made us repeat 2*1=2 , 2*2=4 and so on and it has stuck with us…. listening to songs over and over will make it stick 🙂 !! ( i know this is contestable)
    4) bahut baar thokar khaane se bhi akal nahi aati hai…so we keep making the same mistakes :d
    5) comeon…wasn’t that past worth remembering…or didn’t it teach us something ??? why not ruminate about it !!!
    6) because there is only one perfect driver….and he’s sitting behind the wheel sweetie.
    7) because you can end something only if it starts in the first place !!!!:D
    8) because we all are big time dreamers !!!
    9) because that’s the time when we actually find life worth living and more importantly LOVE ourselves to realize we exist from heat to heel!!!
    10) we may be boring someone but sure they are the light of our lives…we just so love them….out hearts outside our bodies….they DESERVE a mention every now and then !!!
    11) because it’s never a game !!! we kid ourselves !!
    12) oh…with the kind of atmosphere we live in and with the way we have tarnished our souls one way or the other…the dirt never gets wiped off…so the towel is still dirty !!!

    WHAT SAY sweetie !!!

  3. WoW Coco! U answered the Qs pretty well! Though I didn’t had the answers in mind (to post them on the blog I mean!), u gave a new dimension to it!!
    Great and keep it up! 😀

  4. I’m hopping onto your blog for the first time and I found it quite interesting!
    So I’m going to read every post and try give a comment!
    BTW, this post was excellent!

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