Friday’s 55 Fiction : Pain and Gain

55 Fiction is a form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.


Pain and Gain

She had seen pain and misery, always.

Born motherless… A slap or a kick or harsh words gave her company every waking hour.

He wiped her tears, made her laugh and made her happy… always.

“All this gloom shall pass, one day”, he used to say.

And she believed him.

He sold her, one day.

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29 thoughts on “Friday’s 55 Fiction : Pain and Gain

  1. I am never the first to comment! 😛

    But, really, you are on a roll!! 🙂

    Another sad truth of life held aloft. Great story as usual! Bow to you.

  2. shilpa, such a sad tale…but it does happen…my nani’s servant’s daughter was sold off by a man living in their neighbourhood…my nani helped her to rescue and now that girl is married and has a nice family…but not all are so fortunate…

  3. When I click on ‘post a comment’ the link disappears, I had to choose to ‘open it in a new tab’ before this opened… I am not sure if only I am facing this…

    Very nice 55er. Kind of jolts you, because it is too close to real life.

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