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My Dearest KG

They say the way to a man’s heart is through is through his stomach. And right from our courtship days you left no opportunity to drive this point home. A girl who was busy with her lab work and books all her life till then and with parents who believed that education was more important than acquiring culinary skills, this passion of yours, for food, scared me a bit. Mom tried to put me at ease and taught me some basic recipes in a jiffy. But you took the reins in your able hands soon after our marriage. I found an enthusiastic teacher in you and you, an eager to learn student. Every other day, after we returned back from our respective offices, we worked together in the kitchen as you showed how to make various dishes with your step-by-step instructions. In no time, I mastered the art of cooking and you beamed with pride and showered compliments every now and then.

With passage of time, my interest in cooking got stuck at making good tasty 3 regular meals, while your passion for cooking soared to learn and experiment newer and exotic dishes. Some 50 cookbooks in our home library along with Kylie, Jamie, Nigella through their TV shows, inspired you to cook newer recipes with élan. I have told you this a million times but let me tell you this again that you have this awesome ability of putting seemingly incongruent ingredients together in such a way that they work amazingly well, always.

While I love the way you cook such fabulous meals on weekends, surprise us with newer dishes every now and then and that entertaining friends at home is always a pleasure because of you. But what I am not liking is the feeling that I get every time… the feeling that I am picked up by a tornado and released abruptly amidst a shower of debris and rubble, once you leave the kitchen after creating magic with food.

While your favorite chefs are cooking for a TV show, so it is ok for them to leave a part of the grounded paste in the mixer jar or use only part of the soaked rice. But following your ‘Gurus’ habits in our kitchen translates into wastage of food resources!

While you are so fair and square in everything else in life, I can’t understand your biasness towards the food cooked by you! You can’t stop gloating about the dishes you cook, yes, even the ones which have no salt or the ones which have a tinge of burnt food aroma!

While you know it very well that I am perfectly happy with my level of daily cooking and I have no desire, whatsoever to don your chef’s hat. Then, why is it that you are so competitive with me about cooking, so much so that you’ll not tell me the ingredients you used for the new curry.

While you believe that food is all about creativity and experimentation with flavors and ingredients. Why do you frown when I try to experiment a bit in our regular food. Given my interest in cooking, my experiments with food only goes up to adding coriander powder in some dish or dry mango powder somewhere. I know some of your experiments are really crazy, for instance the day I was coming back home with Aaryan, you had made rice kheer among other things. We all oohed and aahed at the wonderful sweet dish till you asked us with a mischievous and a proud look, the secret ingredient in it. As you vetoed all the regular ingredients that could have been added in a kheer, we ‘begged’ you to shed light on the mysterious ingredient. Proudly, you said, “Egg yolk”. Mom who is a vegetarian and who relished the kheer so much, moments ago,  nearly puked. Egg yolk in a rice kheer? who adds that??  Well, YOU!!

As I write this I realize that the benefits of having a husband as a chef certainly outweigh the rants I have just  shared.

So, dear husband, continue to create magical flavors and may the fragrant aromas waft from our kitchen, always.

Happy cooking and looking forward to see you cook your signature dish soon, tomorrow.

Love You


This is written for Write Tribe – Letters Unsent #4  : Your current love/ spouse/ crush

Linking this post to the Ultimate Blog Challenge and October’s NaBloPoMo.

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59 thoughts on “Spouse Grouse

  1. I’m laughing away at this pretty good way of conveying what you want. Made interesting read.
    May be you can tell Mr.G that the culinary fantasy is complete only if the kitchen is back to its wonderful self and appearance.
    Wishing you folks happy cooking over this weekend.

    • Glad this brought a few laughs your way!
      Oh, a clean kitchen with KG cooking can remain only a fantasy! *SIGH*
      Thanks Anil, you have a great weekend too 🙂

  2. I found this amusing mostly because while I am no chef, I love to cook. With that said, I hate to clean up about as much and procrastinate completely about that part of it. On the upside I can’t tolerate not cleaning up before I start making something new…so there is a definite backwards cycle to the way I do things. LOL Lucky you to have a “chef” in your midst!
    Kathy recently posted…Letters Unsent #4My Profile

    • LOL 😀 Love your backwards cycle. Since I am a cleanliness freak, I have to have a clean kitchen once the work is done. Initially, an messy kitchen would irk me but I am learning to let go. So, it’s a win-win situation 😉
      Yes, it certainly a blessing to have a husband who can cook despite some minor irritants 😀

  3. This was so sweet to read, Shilpa. I can perfectly understand your grouse and sympathise with you. I hope the mister reads this one and understands you better.

    Joy always,

    P. S. The ‘egg yolk’ part was hilarious!

  4. Every time I read about some husband helping in the kitchen,I feel very embarrassed.However,you have done so quite often that I must come and meet KG.
    There is one point of satisfaction though….while reading this post,I can relate it to my son’s house in Blr ….
    B k chowla recently posted…PARALLEL JUSTICE SYSTEMMy Profile

  5. My husband would always be ready to cook anytime, but he would also leave the kitchen in a mess.It is the same with his mother, she also loves to cook, but never clean up after cooking. My husband was not like this before, he would always clean up after cooking, only for the last 5 years or so, he seems to have lost his patience, and doesn’t bother to clean up.
    What irritates me most is the way, he would keep harping on how good it tastes,that he has made it with the right ingredients used in the right amount and so on.
    I can understand what you are going through Shilpa.
    rama ananth recently posted…‘W’ For: WisdomMy Profile

  6. Lol…egg yolk in kheer. That’s a blasphemous creative cookery for common food takers. :P. I love such experimentation – let him try his creative genious – it will give awesome experiences to remember later in life. 😀
    Praveen recently posted…The MirrorMy Profile

    • A husband who cooks is great. Let your hubby experiment, he will learn soon and since he cleans up the kitchen too, so it will be a double bonus for you 😀

    • Oh, there is not an iota of doubt… a husband who cooks is truly a blessing and especially who cooks simply awesome food! I have a lot of ‘I dont feel like cooking’ moments and he is ever ready to cook! So cant thank God and him enough for this blessing 🙂 Yes, the mess is a nightmare but am learning to live with it! 😉

    • Yeah, especially when he knows that I am never gonna cook the dishes he makes. 😀 My mother is not going to forget this kheer for a long long time! 😛

    • Agree. Husbands who cook is simply fab. When I am out of home, I dont have to worry about his meals. I know he will manage it pretty well. I have a few friends who have a tough time when they have to travel and husband is at home. Yes, egg yolk in Western desserts is so common. I think he is inspired by Eric Lanlard or Donna Hay or Nigella for this one.

  7. hahahahahah…gosh this is how my story unfolds having a husband who cooks like a chef and I falls in your category 😛

    And that GLOATING part hits home Shilpa 😛

  8. Gosh!!! Yet another similarity. My hubby too cooks really well. And he too dons a chef hat time and again. I’m still a primary kid in terms of cooking. And yes, me and son look forward to those days, when he churns out those culinary delicacies that tickle our taste buds. If he was a chef, I believe he could have been very competitive and given top chefs a run for their money. Sigh!!! For he’s not.
    And yes, he dreads those days when i make something. It’s MIL all the way in the kitchen.
    jini maxin recently posted…Every once in a whileMy Profile

    • Yes, our restaurant bills are not so great, but our grocery bill at home is high! Coz wherever we go, we come back with a grouse as the food never meets our expectations!

    • I am lucky that ways, no doubt about that!! No, I am not competing with him and I’ll be happy to leave the entire kitchen in his hands, someday! 😀

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