14 Jan’14

cooltext468162920.pngTen Things about the Day Today… 14 Jan 14

  1. It is KG’s birthday today and we started the celebrations with cutting the cake at sharp 12. 2014-01-14 00.01.37
  2. In the afternoon, we rushed to our family friends who celebrate Makar Sakranti in a big way. It is seen that people who have relatives in the same city or have joint families celebrate festivals with great zeal and gusto as compared to the nuclear families. See the men and boys at work… preparing the kites so that they soar high in the sky.




3. Such is the craze for flying kites that they bought a carton full of kites

2014-01-14 15.50.19

4. What’s  Makar Sakranti without food


5. And Firewater


6. And Dance


7. The youngest and the oldest kite fliers around us…


8. And we had some more food by cooking live on the terrace and serving hot pakoras and tea to the enthusiastic kite fliers


9. Kites in the sky and a lone balloon too


10. Finally the hectic day came to an end by lighting a sky lantern at night. The market is flooded by these Chinese lanterns and is a new thing which dotted the skyline of our city today.


How did you celebrate Makar Sakranti/Pongal?

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To read posts by fellow friends and UBC and NaBloPoMo participants, click hereJairam,Kajal, Kathy, Michelle, Nabanita, Richa, Suzy Que, Sheethal. Yes, we can do we with some more cheering and support. :)

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52 thoughts on “14 Jan’14

  1. That cake looks so delicious, I’m sure it tasted the same way too. I’ve always wanted to fly kites, after having heard all the elders in the family speak about how fun it used to be. And as for Sankranti, I’ve been stuffing myself with food that I can set my eyes on 🙂

    • The cake turned out good! So excited we were that we polished it off in no time! Kite flying is fun with friends…. visit us next time and you can learn to fly it too. Oh the till goodies are so tempting, and the thing is that you cant stop at one!

  2. Wish you a very Happy Makara Sankranti Shilpa 🙂 The colorful kites, the food and people complete the definition of festival and spread joy. Belated Birthday wishes to Mr.Garg 🙂

  3. Please convey my birthday wises to KG. Makara Shankranthi is celebrated all over India. Only different names. EG In Tamilnadu, it is Pongal.

  4. I always wanted to fly a kite and once I did it successfully too. When I was young, the area in which our grandparents house was located was full of kites in the evening. But our area is as blank as it can be, so didn’t get many opportunities. Good to see so many kites in the carton 🙂

    • We are in Jaipur! 🙂 In Rajasthan, kite flying is like a big festival… right from morn till eve… and now till night too courtesy lamp kites and Chinese lanterns!

  5. Did you bake the cake? The right way to enjoy the festival is with good food and friends. You seem to have had a good time:) The sky lantern is beautiful, i love the pictures of sky lantern whenever i see them. Here, friends came over to our place for pongal and we did fly kites. The city’s skyline is dotted with kites and there is a contest here called ‘patangbaazi’. lots of colorful rangolis on the road too.

    • Yes, Aaryan and I baked it! 🙂
      Glad that you had a great time too. Ok, so kites are flown on Pongal too. Cool! Yes, even here there’s big kite contests! Rangolis are absent here though! 🙂

  6. Sounds like so much fun! For the less fortunate people like us who live miles away from home,it was just another working day. Although at home, we made sweet pongal and invited few close friends for a get-together.

    • Aww! Kathy you are so sweet. You commented twice on so many of my posts! Was not aware that you comments had landed in the spam folder. Appreciate your efforts. Thank you so much ♥♥

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