Everyday Battles


Her heart raced uncontrollably.

Her stomach churned with fear.

Her eyes looked far and wide.

A bead of sweat started forming on her brow.

And then she heaved a sigh of relief when she spotted her object of desire.


Life’s not easy when you have a hyperactive child to babysit and tyrant of a mistress.

This is a Fiction written for Write Tribe’s Wednesday Prompt which is Photo Prompt shown above.

Linking it to January 2014 Ultimate Blog Challenge and NaBloPoMo

To read posts by fellow friends and UBC and NaBloPoMo participants, click hereJairam,Kajal, Kathy, Michelle, Nabanita, Richa, Suzy Que, Sheethal. Yes, we can do we with some more cheering and support. :)

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78 thoughts on “Everyday Battles

    • Oh, you just have to wait to be a mother. Then everybody (kids and husband too) would be coming to you for their lost things (cant find/see things) and you’ll be able to find them effortlessly for them! 😉 😀

  1. True, it is a everyday battle to find the lost things for the family, that way moms of grown up children like me also end up as google looking for that misplaced book, project papers, sometimes even pencil, rubber etc.,. As always a beautiful 55er.

  2. Shilpa that was Superb! and all your posts are.. I have not commented on many of your posts recently.. but I have read all and liked them which actually means that I wanted to comment “Shilpa, You are an awesome writer” but didn’t want to be repetitive and you to feel I am simple copy – pasting my comment 🙂
    But I actually feel the same on each and every fiction/post you write “you are awesome” 🙂

  3. I think you have some inside information on the prompts. Arrre… even before the prompt is up you’re done. Some of you must rub off on me — at least I wasn’t among the last few this time.
    And relieved for the babysitter. Wouldn’t like to be in her place.

  4. It keeps happening in our house, where our dogs are always crazy about shoes and slippers lying around. I have to always watch for one of them will run away with just one slipper or shoe and when it is found it would be in tatters. Naughty children and naughty dogs, they are all the same.
    Nice topic.

  5. You are so good at writing Fiction 55 and I struggle to strive within a word limit of even 500 words 🙁 Good one Shilpa 🙂

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