How Do I Tell Her About You


For years you have been my trusted friend.

I can tell you my joys and sorrows, my insecurities and fears, knowing that you will never be judgemental.

When the demons of anger or frustration threatened to engulf me, you cast a barrier around me and protected me till all was well again.

On stormy days, you have given me refuge and peace.

Soon, I will be married.

I believe, I must be honest with her. Keeping secrets in a marriage isn’t right.

But I don’t want to share you with anybody.


How do I tell her about you, dear diary.


Linking to the Write Tribe’s 100 Words on Saturday prompt ‘How do I tell her about you’


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81 thoughts on “How Do I Tell Her About You

    • True, diaries are our best friends during our good and troubled times, a sort of our refuge for our feelings, so yes they are very special.
      Thanks Kajal, glad you liked this piece of writing. 🙂

  1. I have never really kept a journal except for in high school when my English Composition and Literature teacher assigned us to. My grandma kept diaries her whole life. They are a personal part of us that shouldn’t be shared. Great take on the prompt. ♥

    • Even I have never kept a personal diary! But I have diaries with lots of thoughts and lists and interesting facts. Of late, I have started a Gratitude journal, though. Thanks Kathy ♥

  2. This was an awesome read. Very well written.

    I wanted to stop by and say, “hello” and let you know I look forward to working with you on the A-Z.

    • Love your take, Shilpa – creative, as always.

      Danny, I couldn’t resist responding to you too. You know while I do believe in transparency in marriage, we all need our personal space too – if it’s a diary, or a group of friends that may not be mutual, or our personal emails. Remember that famous Khalil Gibran piece on marriage ‘keep spaces in your togetherness’? I really believe that ‘spaces’ are necessary in every healthy relationship.

      • Hey Corrine!
        Yes, we do need our personal space and that’s why I mentioned ‘time to time’.

        I absolutely agree with you when you say that spaces are necessary in marriage. Some times you’re at your best when you are in your space!

        What I mean by transparency is that, while we do maintain our spaces we also ought to share what we are going through, again only depending on how much our spouses are able to handle and take.
        Why I say this is because I’ve known marriages that have broken apart badly simply because one was not aware of the things that the spouses were into.

        The truth is we can take to either one extreme. And again while that’s not right it certainly holds impossible. I believe we need a balance of the two. Maintaining a certain space for ourselves and yet showing transparency when it comes to certain important things and perhaps struggles that one is going through.

        • Thanks a lot Danny and Corinne for sharing your thoughts!
          I also believe that while transparency is a given in any relationship, marriage does not mean the end of individuality. Personal space and personal time are essential to a healthy marriage!

  3. It has been one year since I started keeping a e-journal.I hope I keep on it. It is much easier to protect & secure it in soft copy. 😛 I will leave only some years to that special person.( that is something I have thought 😉 )

  4. This one is very creative . A diary is an extension of our thoughts and mind and should not/cannot be shared with anyone (I think). but if one maintains a diary the writer had to be prepared for the contingency : it can land into anybody’s custody , be stolen etc. My mind is my diary.

    • Thanks Kalpana. Keeping a diary or journal is a great way to express your emotions on paper and treasure experiences but yes, nothing can beat a strong healthy mind! 🙂

    • Awwie! That’s so sweet of you to say that! I am so glad that you enjoy reading the short stories here! Thank you, you made my day, Sulekha 🙂 ♥

  5. Some things are meant to be taken with us to the grave without having to share it with anyone. I started writing a diary too. I wrote it for years. But for personal reasons I decided to stop. Sometimes I wish I started writing again. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if someone reads it!

  6. I am new here… but would like to tell you i loved your blog…. very beautifully designed…. you can express in words so beautifully…. i always wanted to write a dairy when i was in school but never managed to keep it

  7. As usual your coherent and crisp thoughts flow, nice drabble!.

    This drabble kindled a memory shilpa, Moving away from this post,, My dad’s company gifted diaries as compliment for every new year to its customers and i would get one from my dad. I used it for everything except writing diary like pasting stamps, like a scrap book , to do revision etc., BUt, i treasure the diary in which i have autographs and small notes written about me from my near and dear ones. Some of them who have written in that diary like my grandmom passed away. So, this is how my diary serves me.

    • Same pinch, Asha! I would so exactly the same. Take the best diary which Papa would get and use it to write quotes and sayings, written matter from greeting cards, interesting dialogues or thoughts from books, new words and their meanings etc!! What fun things and memories! 😛

  8. It’s very tricky.
    Once one writes a diary,one has to be honest and that honesty could become a problem sometime later in life..Why take Panga?

    I am sure ,important issues,incidents,friendships, affairs have to be important to remain in ones memories which mustn’t need a diary.

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