How I Wished


Books. Check.

Blogs. Check.

Facebook. Check.

Why I did this, you may ask.

Well, they say, writing is 90% procrastination…

The result was a blank page.

I looked for the muse at all places.

A blank page teased me still.

Then thought of working under pressure…

How I wished I had thought of this earlier!

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58 thoughts on “How I Wished

  1. Working under pressure helped? I always thought pressure didn’t help when it came to creativity. Good for you.

    Nice blog. Blogrolling you.

    Updated mine. Do drop by.


    • Yes, I work well with deadlines…. And there are theories supporting that
      Check this post :
      It says, it is interesting that sometimes when under pressure we have more power to create enabling us to produce our best works. It is based on our capacity to produce under imposed demands or expectations.
      While there are theories that state that pressure kills creativity!!
      So, different strokes for different folks.
      Thanks for visiting this space, CRD. See you around. πŸ™‚

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