12 Most Annoying People on Facebook

Facebook has become an integral part of our lives, now-a-days. Everyone is on Facebook, right from your mother to theFacebook grandfather of your neighbour, father-in-law of your friend and even the son of your gardener. And why shouldn’t they be there, after all, Facebook is a never-ending virtual social get-together. I believe, it is one of the best things that has happened to us. The people on it, however, are a different story. Out of 500+ ‘Friends’ that we usually have on Facebook, some of them are truly annoying.

Here’s my list of 12 most annoying people on Facebook.

      1. Selfie Kings : Selfies are the IN thing these days. Can’t really blame you, for that. But clicking selfies pretty much everywhere… in the elevator, in the trial room of a store or with weird expressions or with the same expression every time and then posting them all on the Facebook every few hours is not cool. We know you love yourself a lot, but just remember that every time you shove your love for yourself down our throat, we hate you just a little bit more!
      2. Serial Likers : Agree, you are an epitome of love and compassion who sees good in anything and everything. Liking all the pictures individually in an album containing 267 photos to silly rants and even the sad and distressing news, is your way of showcasing the goodness in you!?! We have never understood the thought behind liking a death announcement! Can you explain that, please?
      3. Strangers : We don’t know each other, we don’t have common friends, so what makes you think that we will accept your friend request. And the ones that are accompanied with messages like, “Hi dear, can we mak frnd?” You know what we do to such requests? No, you don’t get it, we simply hit Delete and Mark as Spam. Not to be friendly with strangers rule holds true still.
      4. Stalkers : Digging old photographs and status updates from our Facebook wall, liking and/or commenting on them is akin to stalking. How do you explain systematically going through all of our archived photos?
      5. Living life on Facebook : ‘My munchkin is the best”, ‘Shopping at XYZ’, ‘Eating Quiche and Crepe at the French Bistro’, ‘Stuck in traffic’, ‘Cold, runny nose, cough and fever’, ‘Hate my ex’…. Studies reveal that oversharing your life on Facebook means that you are lonely. Thriving on likes and comments is linked to self-esteem issues and the need to be noticed. Get help, mate!
      6. Silent Friends : Ok, we are from the same profession or community, or may be we went to the same school and we do have a few common friends, so, you sent a ‘friend’ request and in a moment of insanity sanity don’t know what we were thinking, we did accept your request on Facebook. But why is there so much of silence now? Why there is no interaction? Do you still believe that a long friend list makes you look popular?!
      7. Meanies : You think you are very witty and making fun of people or spewing venom or ridiculing others is your birth-right. Take a break, please. We can do without your negative energy in our space. Make peace with your past or present and find some happiness in life!
      8. Hashtags Users : You think it is #CoolToTalkInHashtags. Well, #YouAreMistaken. #ItIsLame and #AndWeAreNotImpressed.
      9. Taggers : You share a new profile picture and tag 100 of your friends with it. Why, for God’s sake, why? Why should our wall have your pics? You captured an unflattering picture of a friend and again tag all his friends and relatives. No, it isn’t cute or funny! It is downright rude and impolite.
      10. Love @ Facebook : ‘You are my life’, ‘We are meant to be together’. Oh, yes, we get it loud and clear, that you love your spouse a lot. Wow! Isn’t that awesome! But should you be commemorating every moment with cheesy displays of affection on Facebook? Shouldn’t it be displayed via a text message or better still, in person? Wait, is that update really for your spouse? Nobody cares about your fourth month anniversary and all this PDA makes you look like a jerk! Believe it!
      11. Inviters : ‘Join my cause’. ‘Like my Page’. ‘Play Family Barn with me’. ‘Like my Picture for that contest’. ‘Click on the Link and Support me’. ‘Vote for me’. Give us a break, Please!! And if you really think that our vote is very important for you, please do this in moderation!
      12. Cryptic Talkers : ‘It happened again’, ‘Feeling sad’, “Can’t believe it’… updates like these are going to a get a barrage of comments like..
        • Friend 1 : What happened, baby?
        • Friend 2 : Oh, are you alright??
        • Friend 3 : Cheer up
        • Friend 4 : Pls share…. waiting!
        • Friend 5 : Don’t worry, be happy.
        • Friend 6 : Arz kiya hai..ahem…kisi ko mukammal jahaan nahin milta..kisi ko zameen kisi ko aasmaan nahi milta…wah! wah! Oh yaar..chill! It too shall pass!
        • The Status Updater : Oh, it’s a touchy subject.

You think we don’t get these attention seeking tactics? Grow up, it will do you good!

OK, let me do my bit and annoy you by sharing this post on all available blogging groups and forums, one after the other 😉

Have you met these annoying friends on Facebook?

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99 thoughts on “12 Most Annoying People on Facebook

    • Oh yes, sometimes your wall can have only the links of posts on various forums! 🙄
      PDA on a facebook wall… I hope they share the same in real life too!

  1. I too hate taggers. They tag just to get attention for their latest post even though there is no connection to us.

    And can you give me the ID of those serial likers. I’d love to have a few of them in my friend list.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Can’t stop laughing. 😀 But on a serious note, all these categories do exist and are annoying. I myself might be falling into one or more of these. Very well drafted. Kudos!

  3. hahaha…that was an awesome compilation! i do not understand the morons who’d ‘like’ a death notice! one stupid guy did that on my condolence mesg to a friend’s mom and i had to actually tell him to show some sensitivity and pls not ‘like’ the msg!
    and the guys who keep sending me candy crush requests, ah! such pain in all the wrong places!

    • Liking a RIP message… I think we must let these people explain in their own words. I know, liking is akin to acknowledgement on Facebook, but it certainly does not hole true for a condolence message.
      Candy crush requests… well they can be tackled easily. Just block Candy Crush in your settings. Have written a post on it too 😀

  4. And that…….. is precisely why I have little to do with facebook. I realize it is necessary and do try to comment and interact with people that share interesting posts. But the day by day RECIPES and notes about family and drama and drama and did I mention, drama that happens in your life — please not on facebook. I enjoyed this post more than most I have seen recently. Will be sharing — GOOD ONE, GIRL!

    • I know what you mean, Dagny. Have seen some people posting really personal pics too! Wonder what they want to prove by doing that!
      I remember, somebody sharing, “K you have to teach me swimming’ and everybody other than K responded to this update!

  5. I used FB primarily to locate long-lost friends. However, in almost all cases, I’ve told my FB friends that I’d rather interact with them by phone and email, not by FB. I do have non-FB interactions with FB friends, but not with those whose friend requests I accepted only to avoid offending them. The second kind of FB friends may think I’m guilty of No. 6!

  6. Well, I am some of them, like I am a die hard selfie, and I post all my selfies in FB. Even I hate invites, I have been guilty of sending invites only twice , one when I was participating in a contest, and one just now, I have sent invites to most of my friends to like my page( including to you).
    Some features are never going to change in FB, however much we show our dislike for them. And,as for ‘likes’ and such stuff we can only put a stop to it by not going to such friend’s page, we can make it as simple as that.
    There are many things I don’t like in Bloggers too, but we can’t help having such blogger friends too.
    We should accept what we like and ignore whatever irritates us. This way, neither do we hurt such friends, nor do we irritate ourselves: it is win win all the way.

    • Once even I pestered my friends to like for a contest too. But not after that. Asking to Like a page is ok, as that gives the new blog posts updates etc. Agree with that advice, that’s the best way to maintain sanity 😀

  7. Very well written Shilpa. But FB has opened up a whole new world for me and linked me up with friends I would not have otherwise found so annoying or not, I am grateful for all friendships.

  8. well not everyone .. I am not of facebook 🙂 I actually find it a waste of time .. we are losing touch with people who actually mean something and are getting influenced by all those who have nothing better to do then press the LIKE button .. and make us believe that they are our best friends


  9. 😆 Nodding my head away, as I read & re-read the list! I think you’ve captured the annoying lot of people on FB quite well.

    And yeah, all said & done, if we’re to look at the bright side of it, I’m grateful for the long-lost connections I’ve been able to find and reconnect with on FB, and also, in spite of the distances, we can still continue to be a part of their (the people who matter to us) lives.

  10. With this post, i feel you have written my mind, that is why i was so excited when i read it through FB and when i re-read my comment there it was full of grammatical and spelling errors but i am sure you got the message.

  11. Hahaha…each one of these points were carved out perfectly! I particularly relate to the first and second one the most. Gosh, I wish I could somehow make all those people I identified in this post from my friends list read this one 😉

  12. Hey Shilpa,
    LOLz….very interesting read…. 😆
    Agree with you – Excess of anything is bad.
    BTW, Liking is a way of acknowledging on FB, hence the likes on sad announcements, I, too, found it confusing initially. 😉
    I totally don’t get Meanies and cryptic talkers – so give them silent treatment and hope they learn….

    • Hi Huma. Thank you, glad you enjoyed reading this post! Yes, liking means acknowledging but somehow I feel that it does not seems right for a sad message. I think a sad smiley or a one word message should be a better option. 🙂
      Like your strategy for meanies and cryptic talkers… hope they get the message 😀

  13. I think I don’t fall in any of these 12 categorise..
    I hate being generally tagged.
    In initial stages,it was exciting to receive friend request till the day I realised how silly it was.One day,I cleaned up the mess of friends list.

    I try and not irritate my friends on FB as I ensure never to annoy anyone……Though I love updating my status with few funny ones

  14. Shilpa, you were next to me..I would have given a big hi five and a big hug….I agree to everything and each of them pisses me off…selfies..I hate them….my son takes selfies all the time with my mobile and asked me, amma why do you hate them? I said, it’s like taking the pic of your two big nostrils and showing the world to look inside…he said, you are gross amma.. I am like, yes, I am!!! okay, I don’t want to end up writing a post on your post again 😛

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