I, Me, Myself Syndrome

I have a few ‘friends’ on my Facebook profile who are plagued by this syndrome. I don’t think they are aware of this affliction. Because, if they were, they would have taken some remedial actions, but their affliction continues to progress unabated, much to the chagrin of others.

Yes, they are bitten by the selfie bug.

These friends click and upload at least a dozen selfies a day. All they have to do is turn to their good side, look up slightly (of course, the double chin shouldn’t be visible), stretch their arm and simply shoot themselves, of course with their smartphones. selfie

They LOVE to click themselves with a pout, with a smile, with ‘that’ look, with love in their eyes, everywhere… be it in the office, in front of the car or in the car, on the stairs, in the bathroom, in a new dress or just a regular tee. They also like to click themselves with their child in the backseat of the car, or with coffee at Starbucks…  And then just share these pics on social media and wait for the likes and comments from friends to pour or trickle in.

They say that the selfies (in moderation!) may be good for one’s self esteem and/or may uplift the mood, but too many selfies are not good. Some people may just get addicted to taking that perfect selfie and may kill themselves when they fail to do it. Also, one may get distracted by the marketing of themselves through these selfies, and may lose touch with their authentic identities and there could be a struggle to build real relationships.

I don’t know about others, but somehow seeing these selfies day in and day out irk me, somewhat. And then I read about a study from U.K. that confirmed what I had long suspected. The study found that oversharing of Facebook photos is more than just a nuisance, and uploading a hundred selfies per day could very well be damaging to your real-world relationships. And that both excessive photo sharing and sharing photos of a certain type makes almost everyone like you less. This is because people, other than very close friends and relatives, don’t seem to relate well to those who constantly share photos of themselves.

So, what is the cure for this I, Me, Myself syndrome, which is not only harmful for these selfie bugged people but also for their relationships. Well, it is pretty simple, “Stop taking so many damn selfies!”

Linking this to the Write Tribe’s Wednesday prompt, “I, Me, and Myself”

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66 thoughts on “I, Me, Myself Syndrome

  1. I belong to the generation of group photographs and family photographs. To me, selfie is another indication of how isolated and alone people have become. This fb sharing and a thousand online friends cannot be a substitution, nor can it be as satisfying, as real world companionship.

    Protests? I’m wrong? I hope so.

    • LOL 😀 But then you must get yourself clicked a bit more often, then. LuAnn! Photographs are great way to go go down the memory lane 🙂
      Thanks, glad you liked this post 🙂

  2. //of course, the double chin shouldn’t be visible// lol 😀 😀 😀
    People take selfies this seriously?! I didn’t quite know. (I just noticed, when I typed ‘selfies’, I am suggested with ‘Selfless’ – Call it Irony? or antonym 🙂

    Loved this post, Shilpa 🙂

  3. Loved your post, Shilpa. I even added your link to my post as you were my inspiration for my nutty narcissistic poem for today. So true about there being people like this who go on about themselves and are totally narcissistic, posting selfies and never caring about anyone else or ever reciprocating. It reminds me of those bores in real life who only talk about themselves and never listen to anyone else.
    Cathy Graham recently posted…It’s all about ME, ME, ME!My Profile

    • Hi Smitha. So good to see you! Long long time! Oh, they are self obsessed, no doubt! These selfie addicts feel as though they’re starring in their own reality shows, with an inflated sense of self that allows them to believe that their friends are interested in seeing them in different or same poses day in and day out!! 🙄

  4. LOL!!
    I haven’t managed to take a decent selfie.. sigh! I always come off looking weird or my nose looks too big.. you know?!
    I think its an art to take the perfect selfie 😀
    but of course, too many is too bad!!
    Pixie recently posted…I held out my hand..My Profile

    • Exactly the case with me… I think, I look terrible in a selfie 😀
      Agree, it is an art. And can you believe that there are so many websites that give tips and tutorials on clicking that perfect selfie! 🙄

  5. It was quite a fun read, Shilpa!
    I agree it can indeed be very irritating to see so many selfies 🙂 I have a few people like that on my FB friends list….but thankfully most of them are still quite young and my hope is that they will grow wiser as they grow a bit older! Well at least one can hope.
    Beloo Mehra recently posted…My Update and IMy Profile

  6. Totally agree with you Shilpa. The obsession with selfies can get really annoying! But I guess, time will heal. Just like all other temporary frenzies doing the rounds on the world wide web, this too shall pass (hopefully)!
    RGB recently posted…The road trip to GoaMy Profile

    • God! Yesterday, saw a friend who is on a holiday with family and he had posted just one pic of wifey and the child and 6 selfies of himself… one with the beer, one with the food, one with a statue in the resort… Too much of narcissism.

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